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Attracting birds to your backyard and seeing them bathe, drink and preen can be very satisfying. Your bird bath can provide your local birds a place to relax and bathe in clean, fresh water. The water your provide can become vital to the survival of your neighborhood birds. You will also benefit by experiencing the pleasure of watching your feathered guests, splash, drink and groom in your backyard bird bath. Browsing through our bird bath reviews will help you buy the best bird bath. Here are a few to get started.

What Criteria To Consider When Reading Bird Bath Reviews

A bird bath is a great way to beautify your backyard and attract beautiful birds to your home at the same time. Unlike a bird feeder, bird baths don’t attract unwanted animals like squirrels, and they are a very important resource for your birds. Regular bathing helps bird keep their feather clean, which helps them fly better. In the colder weather, or in harsh environments, you could be contributing to the survival of hundreds of birds. Consequently, buying a bird bath is a great choice.

Some of the most important factors to consider when reading bird bath reviews are: the health and safety of the birds, bird bath placement, the species your would like to attract, and how you will clean and maintain your bird bath. We discuss each of these factors below. As you are looking through bird bath reviews, follow our guidelines so that you will attract the most birds with whatever bird bath you choose.

Put The Birds First When Considering Which Bird Bath To Buy

Your first concern when reading bird bath reviews should be the health and safety of the birds. Birds need to keep their feathers clean in summer and in winter. Regular bathing helps them remove tiny mites and parasites, and keep their feathers in good condition to provide maximum warmth in colder weather. Having clean a supply of clean, fresh water in summer and in winter helps ensure that birds continue these activities all year long.

If you live in a colder climate, getting a bird bath heater is a good idea. In winter, birds often have to expend much more energy to turn ice into drinking water. That is why a heated bird bath is such an important resource. If you don’t already have a bird bath with a built in heater, consider buying a bird bath deicer.

The ideal depth for a bird bath bowl is 2″. If you purchase a model with a deeper basin, you can place some rocks or marbles in the middle to give birds a safe place to perch while drinking. If you already have a bird bath, and are looking for a replacement bird bath bowl, check out some reviews of bird bath bowls to help you decide one to buy.

A Word About Texture And Safety

If you are considering a bird bath with a smooth texture, your may want to reconsider. A smooth texture might look nice, but it will make it will be more difficult for the birds to hold on to. If your bird bath is also deep, it may result in birds falling into the water and drowning! If you purchase a glazed bird bath, add stones or even a couple of bricks in the middle to give birds surer footing. In addition, you can purchase some self-adhesive stickers to put on the bottom of the basin to prevent birds from accidentally sliding.

This is an example of a bird bath with an ideal texture for birds’ talons to hold on to.

bird bath reviews

Consider Placement 

The best place to put a bird bath is well away from cats and other predators.  A bird bath with a pedestal will give the birds some added protection because of the height. In addition, a pedestal bird bath may also be easier to clean. You should not place your bird bath near hiding places for cats, and it should be located close to, but not directly under, trees in order to provide birds with a means of escape. If you do not place your bird bath under trees, you will be able to avoid a lot of contamination from falling leaves and branches.

If you also have bird feeders in your yard,  don’t place your bird bath directly under them. This will avoid hulls, seeds and other debris contaminating the bird bath water. Change the bird bath water at least once every few days. Clean the bird bath more thoroughly according to the bird bath material.

For a better view, you may want to place your bird bath near a window. We recommend a distance of at least 5′ from the window to avoid collisions.

Consider the Species Of Birds You Would Like To Attract

If you would like to attract specific species of birds, keep the needs of your preferred species in mind. For example, certain species prefer to fly through misters and drippers rather than bathe in a basin. Hummingbirds are a great example of one such species. Remember that if your bird bath attracts smaller songbirds, they will tend to congregate around the rim of the bird bath where the water is shallow, while the larger birds will bath and drink in the middle of the basin. Always keep the ideal depth of 2″ in mind. If the bird bath is deeper, put some rocks in the basin for smaller species to perch in order to prevent accidental drowning.

Consider How You Will Clean And Maintain Your Bird Bath

Remember that cleaning and maintaining a bird bath is an important responsibility. Stagnant water will create an unhealthy environment for birds and will encourage mosquitoes to breed. It will also make it easier for algae to grow. Keep bird bath water moving by adding a pump. There are very good electric bird bath pumps on the market. However, you may also wish to read reviews of solar powered bird bath fountains for sale online, so you won’t need to pay for electricity or batteries.

When considering bird baths for sale online, think about how much time you will need to spend on cleaning and maintenance. Make sure that you clean your bird bath with materials that are safe for humans and wildlife. Check out this article if you’d like to learn more about how to clean a cement bird bath.

Reading bird bath reviews online will help you consider these factors. Then, you will select the best bird bath. Your new bird bath will beautify your patio, garden, or yard. Enjoy your new bird bath!

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