Advantages and Disadvantages of Combination Birdbaths and Fountains

Advantages and Disadvantages of Combination Birdbaths and Fountains

Combination birdbaths and fountains

If you would like to attract more birds to your backyard, and provide even more refreshment to visiting birds, you may wish to consider adding something beyond traditional birdbaths to your yard. Instead, you may want to add combination birdbaths and fountains to your landscape. These can be more aesthetically pleasing than traditional models but they also can require more care and maintenance.

These birdbaths are a cut above the typical basin and pedestal style bird bath.They include pumps to keep water flowing through a number of large and smaller basins or through an arrangement. The pump can use a variety of power sources, such as electricity, battery or solar power and the flow capacity and vary greatly. It is important to consider all these factors before buying one of these baths.

Like traditional birdbaths, combination birdbaths and fountains are made from a wide variety of materials and come in a wide range of styles. Some of these styles include:

  • Small basins that flow downward into larger basins below
  • Sprays or fountains in the middle of a large basin.
  • Arrangements of decorative items such as rocks or containers of increasing size.
  • Tiered designs that can be mounted on the wall.
  • A small fountain at the top flowing over rocks or other ornamental objects into a lower basin.

You can purchase combination birdbaths and fountains in many forms. Many of these birdbaths are inspired by nature. These forms can include shells, rocks, animals or birds. As with other types of birdbaths, it is advisable to select one that blends well into your landscape.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Combination Birdbaths and Fountains

Like other types of birdbaths, combination birdbaths and fountains are a type of water feature that have their advantages and disadvantages. It is important to consider both before you buy a bird bath. Some of the advantages to consider include :

  • The added aesthetic pleasure combination birdbaths and fountains can provide. The splashing water is likely to attract more birds, adding to your yard’s appeal.
  • The circulating water prevents stagnation and discourages the breeding of larvae as well as algae growth.
  • The bird bath is larger and attract more and larger birds.

Some of the disadvantages of combination birdbaths and fountains include :

  • Increased cost due to potential damage and replacement of the pump.
  • Increased cost of electricity or other types of power to keep the pump running.
  • More difficult maintenance, and the necessity of bringing the bath indoors during the cold winter months to prevent freezing and damage.

Care and Maintenance of Combination Birdbaths and Fountains

The care required by these types of baths is very similar to other types of baths, with the added necessity of caring for and maintaining the pump. Best practices include :

  • Draining the basin of the bird bath periodically to provide fresh water.
  • If you have a concrete bird bath, clean it regularly with a solution of either nine parts water, one bleach, or about 7 parts water 3 parts vinegar.
  • Scrub the bath with a good, stiff brush and hose it down afterwards with high pressure water.
  • Bring you combination birdbaths and fountains indoors long before the first freeze.
  • Avoid placing the bath in area where debris is likely to fall into the basins or damage the pump mechanism.

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