Glass Bird Baths

Glass Bird Baths

Glass Bird Baths

If you would like to add a touch of class to your garden that will also attract a wide variety of birds, glass bird baths may be what you are looking for! These attractive bird bath bowls invite birds of all types to take a swim or a drink before flying of to your backyard bird feeder for their next meal.

If you do opt for a glass bird bath, you should also remember that glass is a slippery surface. Help the birds hold on to the glass surface by placing non-toxic decals in the bowl. These are the same type of decals you may place on your bathtub floor to avoid slipping. Another option is to fill the bowl with stones. This will provide a rougher surface to help birds hold on.

Of course, if you live in a colder climate, you may wish to bring your bird bath indoors during the winter. Remember that while a bird bath heater will prevent water from freezing, it may not be enough to prevent damage, such as cracking.

Bird Baths For Sale offers a wide variety of glass bird baths with designs such as birds or other animals, natural scenes, flowers and mosaic patterns. You are sure to find the one that will fit perfectly into your backyard landscape!

What Styles of Glass Bird Baths Do You Have?

Glass bird baths are available as freestanding baths that rest on an ornamental pedestal or as hanging baths. If you install a hanging bird bath outside your window, you will have a close up view of your feathered friends.

hanging glass bird baths

What Care Do Glass Bird Baths Require?

Wash out your bird bath bowl regularly and provide fresh water to pathogens and algae build up in your bird bath. In colder climates, we recommend bringing your glass bird bath indoors to avoid damage and cracking.

glass bird baths on a stand

Will Other Animals Use The Bird Bath?

You may find that squirrels and other small animals may stop and drink out of your bird bath. This will depend on the wildlife in your region and around your property. You can keep squirrels away by purchasing squirrel repellent to apply around your yard. Rodent Defense is an effective option for squirrels, rodents and other small animals. It is effective, and safe for humans and it will not kill small animals.
squirrel repellant


Glass bird baths provide neighborhood birds with a hygienic bathing and drinking water source. In addition, pollinating insects can also benefit from your glass bird bath. They will beautify your garden and support your backyard ecosystem throughout the year.

Also, if you have a large garden, consider purchasing multiple bird baths. This way, you can attract even more birds. At the same time, your feathered visitors have an even greater choice of where to bathe, drink and preen. No matter which design you choose for your perfect glass basin, your bird bath will be a popular meeting point for neighborhoods birds and for your friends and family.

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