How To Make Mosaic Birdbaths Using Inexpensive Materials

How To Make Mosaic Birdbaths Using Inexpensive Materials

How To Make Mosaic Birdbaths Using Inexpensive Materials

If you are looking for unique birdbaths, you may want to consider making a unique mosaic birdbath yourself. By making your own bird bath, you will have control over all the materials you use as well as its specifications. In other words, you will not only ensure that that your birdbath is safe, durable and attractive to birds, you will also create something that you and your family are sure to love.

Mosiac typically describes a work of art that you can make by gluing or otherwise fastening pieces of glass or stone together. Mosaic art is relatively easy to make and looks beautiful. Because of the nature mosaics, every work of art is different. Therefore, mosaic birdbaths are always a good choice if you are looking for something unique. You can make unique, inexpensive mosaic birdbaths very easily out of materials that you will readily find around the house, or that can easily be purchased.

Mosaic Birdbaths Materials

Follow the instructions before to make your mosaic bird bath! The supplies you will need include:

  • A terra cotta saucer, 12 inches in diameter.
  • Some terra cotta sealer.
  • Sanded grout.
  • Some 3/8 inch glass tiles in the colors of your choice.
  • Water proof tile adhesive.
  • Outdoor grout sealer
  • A foam paintbrush
  • Paper towels
  • Tile cutters
  • A plastic knife
  • Rubber gloves
  • Face cloths
  • A sponge
  • Safety glasses
  • A dusk mask

Mosaic Birdbaths Steps

1. Rinse the terra cotta saucer to remove any dust and seal it with the terra cotta sealer. Allow the saucer to dry overnight. For safety, be sure to wear the dust mask and goggles as you clean the saucer.

2. Plan the design of the tiles. If it will help, try to design the layout on paper, as applying the tiles to a curved surface can be tricky. You can also pencil an outline of where you`ll place the tiles directly on the terra cotta saucer. The pencil lines can be erased if you make a mistake.

3. Begin applying the tiles, keeping the area between the tiles as small as possible. Use as little adhesive as possible, as this will make the mosiac birdbath look better when finished. Apply the adhesive both to the back of the tile and directly on the saucer, wiggling it a bit to lock it into place. If you need to move the tiles, you must do so quickly, because the adhesive sets fast.

4. Work your way from the center of the saucer out towards the edges until the surface of the saucer is covered with mosaic tiles. Allow the adhesive to dry for at least 24 hours.

5. Apply the grout to finish the mosaic birdbath.Be sure to purchase a grout that be submerged in water all the time. Apply it with a putty knife and be sure to push it into all the cracks between the tiles. Make sure all the cracks are filled. Remove the excess grout by wiping it over with a sponge. Let the grout dry for about 24 hours and then seal with the sealer before adding water.

Mosaic birdbaths are quick, fun and easy to make. In addition,  the supplies to do it won`t break the bank if you follow these instructions.

Read this article for more instructions on how to make your own unique birdbaths.


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