What to Consider When Buying Bulk Wild Bird Seed

What to Consider When Buying Bulk Wild Bird Seed

Wild Bird Seed For Your Bird Habitat

When taking care of your birds, offering them comfortable housing, optimized feeders, and high quality wild bird seed is vital. Whether you are feeding the local birds or just looking after your pet, giving the birds in your charge the best food and water is one of the most important factors to consider. After all, you wouldn’t want to offer your favorite birds low-quality food

Still, finding good bird seed can be difficult. It seems like all you come across are bags of randomly mixed seeds with no real indication of their quality. On top of that, bulk wild bird seed can be expensive when you buy it from the wrong place. The last thing you want is to pay a high price for bulk wild bird seed that doesn’t appeal to the birds on your property.

So instead of going into it blindly, learn about the types of food that specific species of birds like to eat. When you know what you need, find bulk wild bird seed bags that have plenty good seeds in it. During your search you will probably notice that there are dozens of choices. Don’t let that discourage you. There is an easy to find the best bulk wild bird seed at an affordable price – and you can do it without driving yourself coo coo in the process.

What To Think About When Shopping For Bulk Wild Bird Seed

Being able to quickly find the bulk wild bird seed that you want is a lot simpler than you think. It merely takes your willingness to consider a number of factors before you make a purchase. While you might think that all bulk wild bird seed is the same, it is just not the case. In fact, what you end up getting depends heavily on the following:

  • Where you get it

  • The type of seeds in the mix

  • Whether the seeds are fresh and organic or GMO

  • The price per pound ratio

  • How the package is sealed

  • What the bag or package is made of

Of course, there will be some other factors to consider such as your personal favorite and your budget. For the most part, though, using those guidelines should point you in the right direction.

Consider The Source

The place you purchase your bulk wild bird seed matters quite a bit. It not only determines the quality of food you get but it also determines the price. In general, there are numerous places right in your neighborhood that offer bags of bulk wild bird seed for sale at reasonable prices. Regardless of the convenience, it is still your duty to consider the source.

You will likely find some of the best bulk wild bird seed by shopping at your local pet supply chain. You might even be lucky enough to find bulk wild bird seed on sale at a specialty bird shop in your neighborhood. Even if the shop has a great reputation for offering high quality food, be sure to check the ingredients on the bag just to be sure.

Another place to get good bulk wild bird seed is through a reputable online source. If you don’t have a lot of pet supply chains or specialty stores in your town, it’s possible to bring the store right to your door step. Some of the most popular distributors take painstaking care of offer customers top quality feed and offer money back guarantees and even free shipping. Same as last time though, be sure to check the label before you buy.

Quality Control

When you find a great source from which to buy your bird seeds in bulk, you still have to consider the quality. It is your duty to offer the birds in your care or on your property food that they will like – seeds that will make them thrive. Quality control should be of paramount importance to you, especially if you are buying your bird seeds in large quantities and understand why organic foods are the healthiest option for any species.

Monitoring the quality of the seeds you buy for your birds is not as difficult as you think. You do not have to have an education in nutrition or ornithology to understand the difference between what’s good and what’s not. As always, fresh and organic seeds are best. Keep in mind that buying in bulk should not be synonymous with settling for second best. You can buy bulk wild bird seed and still get non-GMO feed at an affordable price when you demand it.

Price Tag Particulars

As you may already know, buying bulk wild bird seed can save you a lot of money. You should understand by now that saving money doesn’t necessarily mean you get a lesser quality product. Responsible consumers will monitor their spending by comparing the price per pound ratio.

Take a look at the label of the bulk wild bird seed you have chosen. Then, consider the price. Divide the price by the number of pounds to figure out the price per pound ratio. Are you getting the best deal? If you shop around, you could find something similar or even better and still save a bunch of money. There is no reason to pay more than you have to, so be sure to do your homework.


If you find the perfect bulk wild bird seed and it comes from a reputable source, the chances of you being able to continually buy the same product are increased. This can make taking care of your birds much easier in the future. On top of that, being a loyal customer often comes with a number of benefits. Join the right mailing list and get emailed coupons, exclusive discounts, and membership perks. Thanks to modern innovations, you no longer have to travel to the store to find good bulk wild bird seed. And even if you decide to buy your bird seed the old fashioned way, you’ll still have to make some considerations before you spend any money.

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