Solar Bird Baths

Solar Bird Baths

Why Buy A Solar Bird Bath?

A solar bird bath can be an excellent alternative to traditional electric bird baths with bird bath bowls and pedestals. To be clear, a bird bath that runs on the sun’s energy is one that uses solar energy to pump water. In most cases, this energy is not used to heat the bird bath. Check out this article for more information on the best ways to heat your bird bath and this article on why you should not buy a solar model.

Of course, a solar bird bath can save electricity,  which is both good for the environment and for your budget. In addition, if you get bath with running water you will attract more birds to your backyard, as birds love the sight and sound of running water. You will find some of the most popular models right here on this page.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of A Bird Bath That Runs On The Sun’s Rays

One possible disadvantage of solar models is that they require direct sunlight and may not pump as much water as an electric bird bath. For that reason, we often recommend models that have an electric back up. One advantage of a solar model is that they make less noise, which makes for a more peaceful garden.

Use electric or battery operated options for less sunny days. You can keep them plugged in in case there is not enough sunlight.

To sum up some of the advantages, a solar model can be:

  • More environmentally friendly and less costly.
  • No ugly extension cords required and unlimited placement in your garden.
  • Simple to install

How Do They Work?

A solar cell either is placed inside the bird bath bowl or a panel is placed just outside the bath. The solar cell absorbs energy from the sun all day. This energy powers the bird bath the pump and circulates the water.

Remember that some models can be damaged in cold weather. During the winter months, be sure to remove the solar insert or combine it with with a bird bath heater to prevent the bird bath water from freezing.

Solar Fountain

This fountain is a great example of a solar model with an electrical option. With this bird bath, you will have the best of both worlds. On sunny days, it will soak up the sun’s energy. When it gets cloudy, simply plug it in to keep the water moving!

solar bird bath


As you can see, if you are in the market for a bird bath, one that runs on the sun’s energy can be a great choice. They are quieter, better for the environment, economical to run, and they can attract more birds. Be sure to get yours today!

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