Allied Precision Heated Bird Bath Reviews

Allied Precision Heated Bird Bath Reviews

Allied Precision Heated Bird Bathallied precision heated bird bath

If you have already read our heated bird bath reviews, or if you are looking for a bird bath heater, you are probably already familiar with some Allied Precision heated bird bath products. In fact, Allied Precision makes some of the most popular bird baths at

If you live in a colder climate, a bird bath with an integrated heater is an excellent choice, and Allied Precision makes some of the most popular models. If you provide a heated bird bath, you will be helping the neighborhood birds survive the most difficult time of the year.

By request, we would like to discuss the advantages of a heated bird bath and review some of the best heated bird baths by Allied Precision.

Allied Precision Industries (970) 20-Inch Diameter Heated Bird Bath with Metal Stand

allied precision heated bird bath

We highly recommend this heated bird bath because it has everything you need. With this Allied Precision heated bird bath, there is no need to buy a bowl, pedestal and heater separately. This model has everything all in one! As you may know, in cold weather, birds’ talons can stick to a metal bird bath bowl. There is no such danger with this heated bird bath. The heater keeps the water just warm enough not to freeze and to prevent birds’ feet from sticking to the bowl. The special rim allows birds to grasp it easily.

This bird bath is the perfect depth of 2″ to prevent drowning. In addition, the heating mechanism features a special thermostat. This will keep your electricity costs to only a few pennies per day. In addition, it will keep the water at a temperature of 40 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit. This bird bath will not crack, even in the coldest weather. It features a 15-inch power cord and a 30-inch metal stand. You can also mount the bowl on a railing. This bird bath also comes with a 3-year guarantee!

Allied Precision Heated Bird Bath – API 600 Heated Bird Bath

If you would rather buy a heated bird bath without a pedestal or stand, this one is for you! The API 600 Heated Bird Bath is a resin bird bath bowl that features a clamp to mount it on a deck railing. One advantage of a deck-mounted bird bath bowl is that it brings you even closer to the action! Just be sure to mount it far enough away from a window to prevent window crashes. Like the API 970, the special rim of this bird bath forms a natural perch, making it very easy for birds’ talons to grasp. It uses 150 watts of power and measures 20 inches in diameter. Also like the API 970, we are confident recommending this heated bird bath bowl with a perfect depth of 2″. The thermostat on this model will keep your heating costs to a minimum.

Allied Precision Heated Bird Bath – Terra Cotta With Metal Stand

allied precision heated bird bath

If you love the natural look of terra cotta, you will also love this plastic heated bird bath. The terra cotta color fits perfectly into any yard or landscape and will look great all year round. In addition, the thickness of the rim is a perfect .25″. The depth is also excellent at 1.5″ to prevent even small birds from drowning. The thermostat only turns on the heating element when the temperature dips below freezing and uses only 50 watts of power. This model will cost even less to operate than the other two models we have reviewed. A metal stand raises this bird bath a full 29″ inches off the ground and three anchors will prevent it from tipping over. Remove the heating element in the warm weather, and you have the perfect summer bird bath!

Conclusion – Allied Precision Heated Bird Bath

If you live in a cold climate, a heated bird bath will provide your neighborhood flock with an oasis where they can bathe, drink and preen. This is particularly important in the winter months, when birds have to expend more energy to convert frozen water into drinking water. Buy your heated bird bath today and make your yard into a year-round bird sanctuary.

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