Providing A Hummingbird Bird Bath

Providing A Hummingbird Bird Bath

Why A Hummingbird Bird Bath

Providing a hummingbird bird bath is different than setting up a regular backyard bird bath. These fragile birds use bird baths only infrequently and get most of their hydration from hummingbird nectar or sugar water. Like other birds, hummingbirds still need to bathe and preen to keep their feathers in good flying condition. Avid backyard birders know how to provide hummingbird water by setting up a hummingbird bird bath.

 Hummingbird Bird Bath Varieties

If you have read other blog posts on this site, you know that birds risk drowning in bird baths that are too deep. However, even the most shallow bird baths are still too deep for hummingbirds. A hummingbird bird bath will provide water in unique ways, beyond a traditional bird bath bowl. Here are some effective hummingbird water sources.

Hummingbird Mister Bird Baths

A hummingbird mister is a good, simple choice for hummingbirds. A mister can be provided near a bird feeder, on a porch or pole, in a tree, or over a regular bird bath. Most attach to a regular garden hose and provide a hummingbird water source that birds can simply fly through to bathe or preen. The hummingbirds will be attracted to the sparkling water droplets and you will be entertained for hours!

Click on the photos below to find out more about hummingbird misters on Amazon.

hummingbird water
Birds Choice Junior Mister
hummingbird water
Birds Choice AAM430P Avian Mister with Pebble Base

Hummingbird Misting Sprinklers

Misting sprinklers for hummingbirds are an excellent hummingbird water source. These sprinkler heads mount on regular garden sprinklers and provide hummingbirds with water while ensuring plants and flowers absorb what the hummingbirds don`t use. A misting sprinkler will ensure that less water goes to waste.

Hummingbird Drippers

A dripper is another excellent hummingbird water source because the sound of dripping water is known to attract hummingbirds. Drippers can be positioned over your bird bath or over rocks, stones or bricks. The water drips onto the surface below and birds rub against the surface to clean their feathers. Birds may also allow the water to drip directly onto them when bathing. Combination drippers and misters are also available, like the one pictured below. Click on the picture to read more.

hummingbird birdbath
Birds Choice AAC420P Avian Mister & Dripper Combination with Pebble Base

Hummingbird Fountains

Traditional fountains, or combination bird baths and fountains, are also an excellent choice for hummingbirds. Moving water attracts hummingbirds and they will come and bath when they hear water flowing over rocks, stones, or the edges of fountains. Fountains are large and will encourage birds to come and perch and those made of stone have a texture that is especially easy for birds`little talons to hold on to.

More Hummingbird Bird Bath Tips

No matter what type of hummingbird bird bath you provide, make sure to follow best practices when caring for your bird bath. Best bird bath maintenance practices include:

  • Regularly cleaning hummingbird misters to maintain a good flow of water.
  • Placing your bird bath near areas that offer places for hummingbirds to escape danger if they need to, or places to perch after bathing. Some examples include tree branches and shrubs.
  • Make sure water is never too deep for these small birds.
  • Consider placing your hummingbird bird bath near flowers that hummingbirds usually feed on. Some flowers that attract hummingbirds include petunias, lupine and bleeding hearts.

Making your backyard into a hummingbird habitat will provide you with hours of enjoyment as you watch these fascinating birds. Read this article if you would like to learn how to make your own hummingbird water.

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