The Best Birdbath Fountain

The Best Birdbath Fountain

What Is The Best Birdbath Fountain

A birdbath fountain is simply a birdbath that features a way to circulate water. You can find solar powered birdbath fountains and electric birdbath fountains. Some of the fountains you will find on the market are available for purchase separately from traditional birdbaths. In other words, you can buy a traditional birdbath with a basin and pedestal and then purchase the fountain separately to put in the bird bath.

If you would like to turn your backyard birdbath into a fountain, there are many options available. Some pumps consist of devices that connect to a hose and that you submerse in your birdbath bowl. Some of these pumps drip water into the bowl (a feature that hummingbirds love), or simply pump the water into the basin. Birdbath fountain pumps that feature hoses can be shut off when you are not using them and this can save water.

Why Should You Buy A Birdbath Fountain

Adding a birdbath to your backyard is a great way to attract the local flock. However, with a birdbath fountain, you will attract even more birds. That is because birds are attracted to the look and sound of running water. Some species, such as hummingbirds even forego traditional birdbaths for sprinklers, drippers and sprayers. Another great reason to buy a fountain is because running water discourages algae growth. Algae likes to grow in stagnant water, so keeping your birdbath water flowing can even lead to easier birdbath maintenance. Finally, another reason to buy a birdbath fountain is because it discourages mosquitoes from breeding in birdbath water. With mosquito-borne illnesses like Zika and West Nile Virus, getting a birdbath fountain may help preserve the health and well-being of your family.

The Best Birdbath Fountain

birdbath fountain

After reading hundreds of customer reviews and researching hundreds of birdbaths, the best fountain we have found is the Alfresco Home Resin Birdbath Fountain. This is a great  fountain because it includes the basin, the pedestal and the fountain. There is no need to buy one separately. The pump has a variable speed and will add the soft sound of bubbling water to your backyard. This is sure to attract more birds! The pump is 100% electric, so be sure to use an extension or electrical cord graded for outdoor use. It will only cost your pennies per day to run. Some customers report that this birdbath also attracts hummingbirds!

Read more about the advantages and disadvantages of bird baths and fountains. Also, be sure to check out more birdbath fountains available on Amazon!

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