Bird Aviary Plans PDF

Bird Aviary Plans PDF

The Most Complete Bird Aviary Plans PDF

If you are looking to download a bird aviary plans PDF file, then you need to check out “How To Build An Aviary” Chances are, you’ve already been looking around online for the perfect bird aviary plans, but have not found one bird aviary plans pdfthat is complete enough, or that is easy enough to follow. Especially if this is your first diy project, you need bird aviary plans that guide you through the process step by step. Even if you have built a bird aviary before, confusing bird aviary plans are of little help.

No matter what kind of bird aviary you would like to build, “How To Build An Aviary” will walk you through the process quickly and easily. Learn more about the simple aviary plans you can get right now for just $27. Here are a few examples of the plans you will get.

Portable Aviary Plans

This is one of the most popular bird aviary designs you will find in this bird aviary plans PDF. It is a portable aviary that is perfect for either indoor or outdoor use. The removable trays will make cleaning this aviary a breeze.  In addition, it features lots of small door openings making it easy for your birds to reach food and water. You also have the option of removing the wheel and using it as a stationary bird cage. Finally, you can use this for any type of bird. Dimensions: 60″ long (1525mm), 34″ deep (864mm), 60″ high (1525mm).

Round Walk-In Aviary

If you would like to build an outdoor aviary, this bird aviary plans PDF is for you! Walk-in doors make this aviary extra secure and prevent accidental escapes. The doors allow you to easily clean the aviary, or provide food or water. In addition, you can use the side doors to add food or water without entering the aviary. The roof will keep your birds safe from the harsh effects of the sun and rain. This aviary is perfect for all species of birds. The dimensions are: 67″ deep (1700mm), 101″ long (2570mm), 100″ high (2250mm).

bird aviary plans pdf

Flight Cage Plan

This may be the easiest aviary plan included in this PDF. You will be able to build this flight cage very quickly. It is large enough to provide any pet bird species with plenty of room to stretch their wings, exercise or fly around. You can also add an optional roof for even more protection. Furnish it with toys and perches and keep your birds occupied for hours! This aviary is perfect for all species of pet birds, and also other birds, such as peasants and quail. This flight cage is 73″ deep (1860mm), 73″ long (1860mm), 72″ high (1830mm).

Pigeon Loft Plan

If you love keeping pigeons, this is the aviary plan for you! This aviary has stall traps in front, which provides your pigeons with easy access. In addition, there are large doors on both sides to make handling your birds a breeze. The raised floor makes this loft even more secure. The pigeon loft dimensions are: 127″ high (3212mm), 143″ long (3632mm), 117″ deep (2965mm).

bird aviary plans pdf

Plan For Flight Pen With Roof

This is a large, simple bird pen that is perfect if you have a large flock or several larger-sized birds. It has a reinforced, double frame that makes it very strong. The roof is sloped and will help protect your birds from wind, rain, sunlight and other harsh weather. You can house all your pet birds in this flight pen, as well as other birds such as pheasants and quail. The dimensions of this flight pen are: 12.8′ long (3.9 meters), 6.6′ deep (2 meters), 8.2′ high (2.5 meters).

Dovecote Birdhouse Plans

Perfect if you own pigeons or doves, this bird house has 6 entrance ways that lead to individual nesting boxes. Door platforms are included to make access easier for flying birds. The stand ensures that no predators will reach your birds. These bird houses were seen as status symbols in times past.  The dimensions of this bird house are: 3’3″ long (1000mm), 3’3″ deep (1000mm), 6’6″ high (2000mm).

Bird Aviary Plans PDF – Conclusion

“How To Build An Aviary” includes all these easy to follow plans and more! You will also learn valuable secrets, such as how to source the cheapest materials, how to add the best ventilation to your aviary and how to hatch and raise chicks to grown your flock larger!

Click the picture below and get instant access to “How To Build An Aviary” now!

bird aviary plans pdf

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