The Basics Of Bird Bath Heaters

The Basics Of Bird Bath Heaters

Why Provide Bird Bath Heaters?

Across most of the US, the gradual change of seasons can bring about dramatic changes in nature. Forests become a symphony of color in the fall, pastel flowers flourish across the prairies in spring, and tourists and locals flock to beaches in the summer. Winter can be a slower and more difficult time of year, especially for wildlife. The days become shorter, the temperatures get colder, and many animals migrate, hibernate or struggle to survive the winter. Birds are no exception. That is why bird bath heaters play such an important role in your backyard habitat.

While some species of birds may leave for warmer climates during the fall and winter, others will stay in the same location throughout the year. If you would like to make the lives of your local birds easier, you should consider installing bird bath heaters. Here is some basic information that will help you decide which bird bath heaters are best.

What Are Bird Bath Heaters?

Simply put, bird bath heaters are heating units that you can put in your bird bath to keep the water from freezing. As birds can struggle water sources in the cold winter months, your bird bath heater will prevent water from freezing. This, in turn, will help you continue providing a place where birds can clean and drink.

Typically, bird bath heaters can come in two forms. The first forms are portable units that are little more than a heating unit encased in water-tight material. You plug it in to an outside outlet and the heater runs continuously. The second model is self-contained. In other words, you buy a bird bath with a heater unit already installed. If you already own a bird bath and do not wish to buy a new one, the first option is the right one to consider.

Do Bird Bath Heaters Work?

Bird bath heaters do in fact work. Many are effective in preventing bird bath water from freezing in temperatures as low as -20F. It is important for bird to have a source of non-frozen water that they can rely on throughout the winter. A bird bath heater means that birds will have a place to splash, play and preen even during the coldest days of the year.

Why Should I Get A Bird Bath Heater?

There are several reasons why you may want to consider getting bird bath heaters. Let’s take a look at the three most important:

  1. Bird Bath Heaters Help Birds Survive –  If nothing else, getting a bird bath heater will help the birds. The steady supply of fresh, unfrozen water allows birds to drink, bathe and preen all winter long.
  2. Bird Bath Heaters Provide Entertainment And Beauty – If you add a heater to your bird bath, you will have a source of entertainment all year long as birds from all around will come to use your bird bath. Bird bath heaters can ensure that, regardless of the season, your yard and garden will remain full of life.
  3. Protects Your Bird Bath From Freezing And Thawing Some bird baths are particularly sensitive to the freeze thaw cycle of winter. Bird bath heaters prevent water in the basin from freezing, ensuring that your bird bath is not put under undo stress.

What Should I Consider When Buying Bird Bath Heaters?

There is a wide range of bird bath heaters on the market for every budget. Remember, the cheapest is not always the best and expensive does not always mean good quality. Quality is the most important factor to consider when buying a bird bath heater. As yourself whether the heater can survive a winter? The last thing you want is a heater that stops working in the middle of winter, leaving you to scramble to find a replacement.

Remember that a poor quality bird bath heater may put the birds lives at risk. Exposed heating units and wiring can cause the water to be electrified. Consider this carefully and buy a heater that is well insulated. A sturdy bird bath heater will last all winter long and is safe and inexpensive to operate.

Also consider the size of the bird bath when buying a heater. Check the strength and wattage of your bird bath heater and see how much water it will prevent from freezing.

Finally, consider the price. Always buy the best quality heater your can afford.


While the seasons bring change, buying a bird bath heater can ensure that, regardless of the temperature, your bird bath remains a constant source of refreshment for your birds. You heater will turn snow-covered garden into a place of life and beauty. Protect your bird bath and your neighborhood birds with a high-quality bird bath heater.

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