Buy The Best Bird Feeder Pole For Your Bird Habitat

Buy The Best Bird Feeder Pole For Your Bird Habitat

Bird Feeder Pole Recommendations

You have already bought the best bird bath. You have placed it in your backyard and more and more birds are visiting your bird bath. So, now that you’re an experienced backyard birder, what can you do to attract even more birds? Providing a food source like a bird feeder is a great way to attract more birds to your backyard. But buying a bird feeder is often not enough. In addition to the feeder, consider the bird feeder pole it will be mounted on. Buying the best bird feeder pole will ensure that birds remain safe from predators while they eat and will be able to access the greatest amount of food.

Here is a list of suggested bird feeder poles available on Amazon to help you decide on the best one to buy.

Heavy Duty Bird Feeder Pole

bird feeder pole

This is an 80″  steel heavy duty bird feeder pole from Erva Tool and Dye. The pole has three sections and has three arched arms, so you can show off your three best bird feeders! The steel has coating to protect it from the harshest weather. What’s more, the auger that you will get with this pole keeps it firmly anchored in the ground. Combine this feeder pole with a baffle and it will keep out even the most persistent squirrels. This pole will last for years!


bird feeder pole

This is multi-purpose, heavy duty pole that you can use for hanging baskets, flower pots, lanterns, wind chimes or almost any other object you can imagine! You can clamp this hook on the rail of your deck.  With its 49″ length, this bird feeder pole will keep seeds, shells and droppings off you deck or porch. Due to its length, this feeder pole also makes any bird feeder squirrel resistant. Loosen the swivel and tilt the hook towards you to clean or refill your bird feeder.

This heavy duty feeder pole has excellent customer reviews on Amazon. It may be the strongest, most heavy duty pole on the market and has a length of 60″. With a feeder pole that long, seeds, hulls and droppings will come nowhere near your patio! In addition, it supports up to 25lbs, so you can clamp it almost anywhere. This pole swings backwards making it easy to clean and refill your bird feeder. Customers report that they set it up in less than 15 minutes. You can also use this pole for lanterns, flower pots, bird baths, you name it!

Telescoping Feeder Pole

heavy duty telescoping bird feeder pole

This is a heavy duty galvanized steel telescoping feeder pole. It extends up to 12′. This one doubles as a flag pole and the sections are held in place by thumbscrews and safety bolts. We recommend this with Birds Choice Bird Houses. This pole will make it easy to raise and lower your bird feeder for cleaning and refilling.

Extra Long Model

This pole has all the qualities you’re looking for in one. At 92″ high, it’s extra long. It consists of heavy duty steel. Consequently, it is extra durable in the most extreme climates. It is rust resistant and has a diameter of 3/5″, making it thicker than many other feeder poles on the market. The base is extra strong to remain firmly anchored in the ground. In addition, this pole has a dark finish to blend into any backyard or landscape. Like many of the other poles, this one is not just for bird feeders. Use it to hang lanterns, insect repellents, flower pots, plants and bird baths.

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