Conure Pet Information

Conure Pet Information

Conure Pet Information

Conures are one of the popular pet birds and for good reason – they are beautiful, smart pets that make good company. There are different species of conures but they have almost the same qualities. They are intelligent, curious, engaging and playful. Their average size is about 30 cm or 11.8 inches. And if given proper care, they can live up to 20 to 35 years. The following conure pet information if some food for thought if you are considering of getting a conure as a pet:

Advantages Of Conures As Pet Birds:

  • Conures are pleasing to the eyes because their plumage or feathers. The colors of their feathers are bright and colorful.
  • They are affectionate and sweet. This is a good trait, especially if you have kids in the house.
  • Conures breed well and known to produce hearty offspring.
  • They are highly intelligent and can learn tricks easily. In short, they are very entertaining!
  • You can train them to speak in short phrases or words such as “Hi”, “Hello” or “I love you”.
  • Strong birds with an excellent immune system.
  • Sociable birds and love human interaction.
  • Family-oriented. They could have a strong bond with their owner/s after some quality time spent with them.
  • Conures are charming and playful.

Disadvantages Of Conures As Pet Birds

  • They need a companion most of the time. If you only have one, make sure you give them much quality time and attention.
  • If you are gone most of the day, it is best to get at least two so that they can keep each other company.
  • They are loud, screeching birds. It is wise not to get one if you live in an apartment where you have close neighbors or if you have a new born baby in the house.
  • Their noise could be reduced but cannot be muted completely. You can manage it by training them to vocalize in terms of talking or whispering.
  • They can be messy. Some birds can be picky with their food so they will remove parts of their food they don’t like and just throw it or scatter it around.

General Advice For Keeping Conures As Pets

  • You should remove any remaining food after they have eaten. This way, you will keep the place tidy and will prevent the bird from getting any dietary problems.
  • You should clean their cage regularly. The liners (copy paper or tissue paper) should be changed often. This is because they defecate several times a day.
  • Some conures are not picky when it comes to food so you should be careful what you feed them. They might ingest something that is harmful to their health.
  • Their behavior could become erratic if you don’t give them enough attention or if they are bored. To avoid this, give them toys such as mirrors or rope bungees to play with.
  • They need a wide and secure place to play outside their cage. Conures are wild birds so they need to fly in an open space. This is to prevent them from developing any heart problems that could lead to a heart attack.
  • They need proper training and regular exercise so that they don’t develop bad habits such as biting. In some cases they even pluck their feathers to the point of bleeding.
  • Some conures tend to be jealous when they see you with another person unfamiliar to them. They show jealousy by screaming until you give them attention.
  • Some conures act aggressively around strangers. Be careful when you let your pet meet other people.
  • They get distracted easily. This is a disadvantage especially when you are training them.
  • They can become obsessed with their owners and hostile towards other birds. This happens when you only have one bird.

Conure Pet Information – Conclusion

Some of the qualities stated above could be an advantage or disadvantage depending on your perspective. Conure qualities vary from one type to another, and of course, they also have their own unique personality. You should be able to manage the disadvantages . You can correct it by proper training and at an early age and also by appropriate approach.

Diet also plays an important role; this is the foundation that builds training on. Training is your common language with them. It is also a great opportunity for you to bond.

Remember that having a pet like a conure is a great responsibility. You should be able to take care, tame and train them. If you want a conure but unsure if you can handle one, try to adopt first instead of buying one straight away.

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