Deciding Whether To Buy Concrete Birdbaths

Deciding Whether To Buy Concrete Birdbaths

Concrete Birdbaths

Concrete birdbaths are a popular choice for many home owners and bird enthusiasts.

They can be found in almost anywhere and are very durable. However, just like any bird bath, they also have their advantages and disadvantages. It is important to understand these before deciding which bird bath to buy for your yard

Like many other types, you can buy ground level concrete birdbaths, consisting of a basin without a pedestal. The more popular type, however, is the concrete bath on a pillar and with a detachable basin. These can be more aesthetically pleasing and can help better protect visiting birds from predators, such as cats. Most concrete baths come in gray, but tinted concrete birdbaths are also available in black or gray or ivory and with various textures of concrete, depending your taste.

The range of designs to be found is nearly endless. There are different basin shapes, including squares, circles and rectangles. You can choose natural designs, such as shells, leaves, wood, vine or stone and other exotic styles, such as ancient Roman or Greek. There is also a wide selection of pillar heights and basin depths to consider. Whichever design you choose, make your selection with the health and safety of your feathered friends in mind.

Use the following criteria to help decide whether a concrete bath is right for you.

Advantages of Concrete Birdbaths

  • Durability: With proper care, your concrete bird bath can last many years.
  • Solidity: With careful positioning, concrete birdbaths won’t tip or blow over in the wind.
  • Selection: With such a wide variety of concrete baths on the market, you are sure to find one that fits your taste and your landscape.

Disadvantages of Concrete Birdbaths

  • Weight: Concrete is heavy and difficult to move for cleaning and maintenance.
  • Difficult to Clean:Due to its porous nature, concrete birdbaths can be prone to algae and other pathogens that might hide in the pores. Regular cleaning and maintenance are essential. Extra scrubbing may be required.
  • Potential Leaks: Due to its porous nature, concrete birdbaths may develop leaks or crack if not properly cared for in the cold weather. It is always best to store your bird bath indoors during the cold winter months.

Cleaning of Concrete Birdbaths

With proper care and cleaning, your concrete bath can last for many years. Follow these simple instructions when cleaning concrete birdbaths.

  • Bird bath water can easily be drained by tilting the bath slightly to one side.
  • Clean the bath regularly using a solution containing either nine parts water and one part bleach, or nine parts water and one part vinegar. The basin of the bath can be soaked for about 20 minutes in this solution. This will help prevent algae growth. Be sure to cover the bath with a plastic trash bag to prevent bathing if performing this step outside.
  • Drain the solution.
  • Clean the basin with a stiff brush and or high-pressure water to remove any algae or pathogens.
  • Rinse the basin thoroughly with high-pressure water to ensure the cleaning solution is fully removed.
  • Allow the concrete bird bath to dry in the sun before refilling it with fresh water.

Ongoing care of concrete birdbaths:

Follow these steps to ensure your bird bath continues to look good and provide refreshment for birds for many years to come.

  • Place the bath in an area of relatively low activity to avoid potential accidents and damage. Position the bird bath near, but not directly under trees to avoid contamination of the water.
  • Place the birdbath in the basement or garage during the winter to prevent cracking of the concrete.

If you follow these instructions, concrete birdbaths can provide many years of enjoyment and bird watching pleasure.

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