Stone Bird Baths

Stone Bird Baths

Glastonbury Manor Celtic Style Cast Stone Bird Bath
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Athena Garden Cast Stone Large Octagon Bird Bath
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Alpine Corporation Antique Ceramic Birdbath with Birds, 24
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Balancing Rock Birdbath Sculpture Home & Garden Decor Water Feature
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Campania International B-068-AS 1-Piece Kyoto Birdbath, Alpine Stone
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Best Choice Products Outdoor Garden Pedestal Bird Bath Vintage Decor - Green
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Wildlife World Coniston Bird Bath
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Tierra Garden 4-8184T Gloss Bird Bath Bowl with Matte Rim, Light Green
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Kay Berry Inc. 31001 18 x 17 x 2.75 Cast Stone Bird Bath Top
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Brylanehome Maiden Birdbath (Stone Finish,0)
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Exaco FM-0203G Endura Clay Florentine Marbleized Birdbath, Green
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Bird baths are among the best additions you can make to your outdoor landscape.  If you have shopped around, you know there are many option, and stone bird baths are often the best choice.

Why Buy Stone Bird Baths?

Stone bird baths are always a great choice if you’re looking for something sturdy. The weight of these bird baths prevents them from blowing or tipping over. In addition, they will remain upright in most weather conditions.

Options For Stone Bird Baths

One of the other great things about stone bird baths is the option of selecting the finish or patina for your piece.  Choose the color for your bird bath that matches your existing outdoor decor.  In addition, you can pick an option that will look best for the perfect bird bath you have selected.  They can also look great with two different patinas because darker colors collect inside of the detailing and create a beautiful stone work of art.

Maintain Stone Bird Baths In Winter

You need to take special care of stone bird baths when the temperature goes below freezing. Water can collect inside bird bath bowls and freeze.  We suggest bringing bringing your bird bath indoors during the cold winter months to avoid damage due to ice and freezing temperatures.  If this is not possible, make sure you empty the water from your bird bath bowl at least several times per week.  Once the bird bath is empty, you can cover it with something absorbent, such as an old towel.  Then, cover the bird bath with a water resistant covering like a tarp.  Secure the tarp on to the bird bath bowl to ensure it will not blow away in strong winds.  For additional care for your stone bird bath be sure to review this article.

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