Great Winter Bird Bath Ideas For The Cold Weather

Winter Bird Bath Ideas

It is never too early to think about winter bird bath ideas, especially if you live in a colder climate. In the winter, birds require more energy to melt frozen water. Because food is also not as plentiful in winter, it is even more important for birds to conserve precious energy. These winter bird bath ideas will help you help the birds do exactly that. And if you enjoy do it yourself projects, we have some practical ideas that won`t break the bank!

Simple Winter Bird Bath Ideas

If you do not want to buy a bird bath heater or a heated bird bath, one of the simplest winter bird bath ideas is to simply pour hot water over the frozen bird bath water every morning. The hot water will not completely melt the ice, but it will thaw it out enough for you to remove the ice from the bowl. Once the ice is out, simply refill the bird bath bowl with fresh warm water.

Another idea is to place a heat source into a bucket and place a dish of water on top of the bucket. A single light bulb in a socket works well. Make sure the socket remains dry at all times. You can insulate the bucket with non-toxic, not flammable material to retain heat and prevent the water in the dish from freezing over.

Winter Bird Bath Ideas To Retain The Sun`s Heat

We have written about the lack of availability of solar bird bath heaters. There is nothing currently on the market that is strong enough to retain the rays of the winter sun and keep water warm on a regular basis. However, you can use a black plastic trash bag to line your bird bath bowl and trap some of the sun`s heat in winter. If the water freezes, the trash bag will make it easy to remove the ice. Then, replace the bag and re-fill the bird bath with warm water.

You may also want to consider a solar sipper, but do so with care. Amazon customers have reported that it is easy for animals to chew through these. It is also recommended to bring the solar sippers indoors at night and in very cold weather. Remember that this is not a solar bird bath heater! It is a dish covered with dark plastic to trap the sun`s heat. The sipper should keep water from freezing in temperatures down to 20 degrees Fahrenheit. In the summer, it will keep the water cooler.
winter bird bath ideas

Other Winter Bird Bath Ideas And Advice

There are some bird baths you should bring indoors during the winter, such as concrete or cement bird baths. Cement is a porous material that is prone cracking. However, there are other materials that you can safely leave outside during the winter months. These include plastic, resin and metal. If you buy a bird bath with an integrated heater, one of these materials is a good choice. Most commercially available bird bath heaters are safe to use in plastic, resin or metal bird baths. If you use an extension cord, make sure you buy one that is safe for outdoor use.

Learn more about what factors to consider if you want to buy a bird bath online.

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