7×50 Binoculars For Birding: Rough and Ready for Anything

7×50 Binoculars For Birding: Rough and Ready for Anything

7×50 Binoculars For Birding

Bird watching is not as simple as merely looking up at the sky and waiting for birds to fly by. You have to actually go and seek them out. Also, the rarer, more exotic ones tend to be located in far off places. They nest in the deep wilds and fly off where few people have ventured. If you want to watch birds in all types of environments, 7×50 binoculars for birding are some of best-suited binoculars for the job.

A birdwatcher must always be ready to keep up with the object of his eye. His equipment must be up to the task. Therefore, a good pair of binoculars is a birding essential. They must be able to provide a clear and sharp view of your subject. They must also be tough enough to stand up to whatever rough situations in the field. Here are some of the best 7×50 binoculars for birding that we recommend. With these binoculars, you will be ready for any extreme condition and environment.

Fujinon Polaris 7×50 FMTR-SX Binoculars

7x50 Binoculars For Birding
The Fujinon Polaris FMTR-SXS is specifically designed for rugged environments, It fulfills all the high standards of birding binoculars. These include water resistance, durability and functionality. This makes them the perfect 7×50 binoculars for birding in a rough setting.

Among its features are water and fog-proof lenses and peel-down type rubber eyecups. Not only that, it also has a inter-pupillary adjustment range of 56-74mm, exceedingly long eye relief of 23mm and entirely multi-coated optical surfaces. Finally, it has a fully-metal housing with a thick rubber armor.

The kit also contains the Precision Design Universal Smartphone Adapter for Binoculars and Scopes. This will enable you to take pictures by fitting your smartphone onto practically any kind of long-range optic. This includes binoculars, telescopes, as well as microscopes and others.

To clean your lens quickly, easily and effectively, the Lenspen NLP-1C Lens Pen Cleaning System has an easily retractable dust removal brush. In addition, it features a special invisible carbon cleaning formula. This means it won’t dry out. It is safe for every kind of optic. The Lenspen FogKlear Dry Anti-Fog Cleaning Cloth protects any type of lens from fogging. It is good for use up to 200 times and over. In addition, the 6×6-inch Microfiber Lens Cloth comes attached with a water-resistant neoprene pouch that keeps it dry and protects it from contaminants such as dirt, dust and others.

Nikon 7239 Action 7×50 EX Extreme All-Terrain Binocular

7x50 Binoculars For Birding
These amazing binoculars are equipped with vastly enhanced low-light capabilities. This means you will capture clearer, brighter colors. The Nikon 7239 Action 7×50 EX Extreme All-Terain Binocular¬†are the ideal 7×50 binoculars for birding at night. They are also great for birdwatching in darkened environments. In addition, they are perfect for stargazing.

Its innovative body design endows it with superior strength and durability. At the same time, it allows for it to be handily and comfortably carried for the duration of the day. Its tough rubber armor provides added protection and a sure grip in even the roughest of conditions. Guaranteed to be 100% water and fog-proof. The manufacturer offers a limited 25-year warranty. In addition, you will get a no-fault repair or replacement policy. Apart from the 7×50 model, the ATB 42mm also comes in 8×42, 10×42, and 12×42.

Bushnell 7x 50mm Digital Marine Binoculars

7x50 binoculars for birding
The Bushnell Digital Marine is the ideal type of 7×50 binoculars for birding on the open seas. Designed to endure the harshest nautical conditions. In addition, they are built to be waterproof, buoyant and corrosion-resistant. They come equipped with an integrated 3-axis digital compass for accurate course and a built-in tilt feature. You will also find a LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) read-out for optimal stability even on unmanageable waters. Shock-absorbent rubber armoring will give you you a firm grip. This prevents the binoculars from sliding off during rugged situations. And the first-rate BaK-4 prism glass and multi-coated optics provides you with a clear, crisp, ultra-bright view.


Many people assume that birdwatching is not such a grueling outdoor activity compared to others. In fact, it is a rough and tumble endeavor in its own right. It takes you as far as the bird may fly, so to speak. It brings you through hell and high water, and across different terrains. Wherever the chase may take you, you must be sure to choose the right type of 7×50 binoculars for birding. They must be suited to the particular environment that you are heading off to. To be a good birdwatcher is to have eyes like that of the hawk. That is certainly what these binoculars provide. Each type is a creature of its own element, spotting their prey from whatever height and distance, or even from behind the veil of darkness. They are resilient to withstand any hazards that come their way.

Check out more bird watching binoculars here and learn more about how to choose the right binoculars for you.

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