What Are The Best Birdbaths?

What Are The Best Birdbaths?

What Are The Features Of The Best Birdbaths?

If you are a birdbath owner, you may already know the features of the best birdbaths. However, if you have never owned a birdbath and are shopping for one, it is worth learning about the features of the best birdbaths. Knowing what to look for before your buy a birdbath will help you keep birds and humans safe, will minimize birdbath maintenance, and will maximize your enjoyment of your avian visitors. Remember the features of the best birdbaths when deciding which birdbath to buy.

Best Birdbaths

The Best Birdbaths Are Easy For Birds To Hold On To

Many birdbaths, such as glazed ceramic or plastic ones, are too smooth and slippery for birds’ talons to hold on to. If the birdbath material is too smooth, birds risk drowning, falling or becoming victims to predators. Choose a birdbath made of material that is slightly rougher, such as a cement, stone or concrete birdbath. If you must buy a birdbath made of smooth or slippery material, you can add texture to it. For example, you can add texture to your birdbath by sticking non-toxic bathtub decals to the bowl. You can also add rocks or stone in the birdbath basin to provide birds with a place to more easily perch.

They Are Not Too Deep

The depth of the bird bath basin you choose depends to some degree on the types of birds you would like to attract. However, if you would like to attract a large variety of bird species, it is best to buy a birdbath with a basin depth of no more than 2″. A birdbath basin of this depth will prevent the accidental drowning of smaller bird species. Remember that birds will perch around the rim of the basin and will bath in the middle. A birdbath no deeper than 2″ will help attract both large and small bird species.

They Are Ones That You Will Enjoy Maintaining

Regular maintenance is an important part of being a birdbath owner. If you choose a birdbath that is too difficult to maintain, you will put both birds and humans at risk. Remember, standing, stagnant birdbath water poses a health risk. Consider the care your birdbath will require. Plastic birdbaths can be drained an wiped down regularly with a towel, with cement and concrete birdbaths need to be scrubbed more regularly with a still brush to clear away pathogens and keep your birdbath algae free. You might prefer a birdbath with a heater or deicer that can be left outdoors all year long, or you might want to bring your birdbath indoors. These are all factors to consider when deciding which birdbath is best for you.

The Best Birdbaths

One of the best birdbaths we’ve found on Amazon is this durableĀ Campania International B-073-AL Flores Birdbath. It is cement, which will allow birds talons to easily grasp the surface. In addition, it is not too deep, which will prevent accidental drowning. This birdbath is made to last a lifetime, and weight a full 118 lbs. Add a heater to this birdbath to make it perfect for year-round use.

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