Birdbaths for Sale – What To Consider

Birdbaths for Sale – What To Consider

Birdbaths for Sale – What To Consider

Finding the best birdbaths for sale is not as difficult as you think. Providing an oasis for your feathered visitors should be an enjoyable undertaking not a chore. We have put together a list of questions to consider and points to remember in order to help you when looking at birdbaths for sale. These tips are sure to point you in the right direction.

How Do You Intend To Use Your Bird Bath?

You may be browsing through a number of birdbaths for sale and fall in love with them all. You are not alone, considering the beauty of many birdbaths on the market. The first step in your search should be to narrow your search. Think about the types of birds you want to attract. Keep in mind smaller songbirds tend to congregate around the basin rim of the bird bath, where the water is not as deep. Larger birds will often bathe, drink and splash where the water is deeper. Think about the bird species that live in your area and which ones could benefit most from your bird bath and let this guide you when deciding which bird baths to buy.

This article from Birds and Blooms will help you to identify the different types of birds you would like to attract to your bird bath.

Will Your Bird Bath Be Decorative Or Functional?

Consider the general purpose of the birdbaths you have in mind. Will you get a simple bird bath, or a combination bird bath and fountain? Some are designed to be decorative, while others are more functional. Remember that while birdbaths are certainly intended from human enjoyment and to beautify outdoor spaces, the primary function of birdbaths is to provide sustenance to birds. Make sure your bird bath is made of non-toxic materials, that the basin is not too deep for the birds, and that your birdbath is made of material that birds will easily be able to grab on to.

Do You Need Seasonal or Year-Round Functionality?

Will you be featuring your bird bath in your yard or garden throughout the entire year? Do you live in an area with harsh winters and need to store your bird bath indoors during bad weather? Do you need a heated birdbath, and if so, would a solar or electric model be best?

In harsh winter climates, birds are often most in need of water during the winter months. Providing them with fresh water to drink will save them precious energy that they will not need to expend to melt ice for water. If you do choose a heated model, will you get a solar, electric-powered, or battery operated heating unit? Read more about maintaining your bird bath all year long, and keep these questions in mind while you’re looking through for birdbaths for sale.

Is It A Good Fit for Your Property?

Think about where you want to place your bird bath. Will it fit in that space? Does it block any views? Is its size within legal limits according to local zoning laws? If you have a bird bath that is heated with electricity, do you have a safe, constant power supply? Depending on the size and placement of your birdbaths, any or all of these questions could be important.

How Difficult Is the Bird Bath To Maintain And Clean?

Always keep in mind the necessity of offering your visitors clean, fresh water, while ensuring that your bird bath is well maintained.  How often will you be able to scrub the algae out of your bird bath? Will you be able to clean and drain the bird bath frequently enough to discourage the breeding of mosquitoes? When considering birdbaths for sale, you may want to choose a style and material that are easy to clean. This will mean less time cleaning, and more time bird watching.

Does The Birdbath Blend Well With Existing Decor?

You will probably want to think about how nice a bird bath will look on your property. Finding birdbaths for sale that are easy to maintain or highly decorative is easy. Find one that blends well with the decor of your yard or garden can be another story. Try to visualize what you would like before you make a purchase. If there are decorative stones and rocks in your outdoor landscape, you may want to consider cement or concrete birdbaths. You may want to consider plastic, if you are looking for something light weight and easy to clean. If you are a handy-do-it-yourself type, you may wish to build a birdbath on your own. Whatever you decide, make sure your selection blends well with your current decor.

What Is Your Budget When Considering Birdbaths For Sale?

The amount of money you spend depends solely on your budget. Know what those are to avoid overspending. Be flexible and try to find what you`re looking for without breaking the bank, but be aware of the advantages and disadvantages of buying cheap birdbaths. If you invest in a more expensive, durable birdbath, you might have your bird bath much longer than if you buy a cheap bird bath.

Does The Material Matter?

In a word, yes! The material with which birdbaths are made matters quite a bit. If you want a bird bath for a particular spot, then you have to consider the immediate environment. Most birdbaths are made of one of the following materials:

For example, metal birdbaths might look great, but it will not be able to withstand strong wind without denting for very long. On the other hand, metal outlasts plastic. Be sure to weigh all the pros and cons before deciding which bird bath to buy.

Does It Come A Warranty?

Since your bird bath is most likely going to be kept outside, it`s a good idea to find out whether it comes with a warranty. Some manufacturers of birdbaths offer a short-term guarantee. Double check with the seller when looking at birdbaths for sale.

Are You Considering Custom-Made Birdbaths For Sale?

People sometimes invest huge amounts of money into their custom-made decorative and/or functional birdbaths. The type of bird bath you want will depend on how much money you are willing to spend. Keep in mind that hand-made items can be a lot more expensive. But if you would like to satisfaction that comes from do-it-yourself projects, you can make your own unique birdbaths by hand. Take your time and find something that suits all your needs.

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