Buy The Best Parakeet Cage

Buy The Best Parakeet Cage

Features Of The Best Parakeet Cage

If you are looking for the best parakeet cage, you have come to the right place! We have spent many hours reviewing hundred of parakeet cages on Amazon and have hand-picked the best one for you.

If you would like to learn more about parakeets and budgies, check out some important information you need to know about caring for parakeets.

If you are already an experienced budgie owner, check out these factors to consider when choosing a parakeet cage. At the very end of the article, you’ll find reviews of the best cages we have found!

Choose A Large Enough Parakeet Cage

Generally, you should choose a cage as large as your budget allows. Remember, your parakeet will be confined to its cage for most of its life, so be sure to get a cage that has enough room for your parakeet to fly. The best parakeet cage will give your bird enough room to fly from one end of the cage to the other. A large cage will ensure your budgie`s muscles and respiratory system remain healthy.

Choose A Cage With All The Necessities

Necessities include containers for a variety of foods, such as fruits and vegetables, in addition to bird seed. Of course, budgies also need fresh water, both for drinking and for bathing. Petcha recommends changing your parakeet`s water at least twice a day, and providing bottled or filter`s water. Perches are another must for your parakeet cage. You should choose a variety of perches made of different materials to keep your parakeet’s feet in top condition.

Choose A Cage That`s Easy To Clean

Cleaning your parakeet`s cage is one of the most important responsibilities of being a bird owner. It is essential if you want your budgie to live a long, healthy life. Remember that you should do a thorough cleaning at least once a month. A thorough cleaning includes emptying out the trays at the bottom of the cage and cleaning the entire cage, perches and food and water bowls. Never use toxic chemicals to clean your parakeet`s cage. It is best to use water and baking soda instead. Non-toxic dish soap with warm water is also recommended, along with a stiff brush. You should also double up on food and water bowls. Doing so will make it easier to clean the cage.

 Choose A Parakeet Cage With Bars That Are Properly Spaced

If you buy a cage for larger birds, the bars may be spaced too far apart. This is a safety hazard because your parakeet may get its head caught between the bars. The best bar spacing for parakeet cages is between 1/2″ to 5/8″.

Add Lots Of Toys To Your Parakeet’s Cage

Parakeets are intelligent and curious animals. Some example of toys you may want to add to your cage include bells, mirrors and other toys in a variety of colors. Also, be sure to take your parakeet out of its cage regularly to play with it or to train it to sit on your shoulder or do tricks. Give your parakeet treats while playing for additional stimulation. These activities will also stimulate your parakeet’s curious mind.

Add Items That Will Help Keep Your Parakeet’s Beak Healthy

Beak health is essential to the overall health of your budgie. In addition to toys, providing items such as cuttlebones, conditioning perches and wooden toys will give your budgies things to chew on. You will help your parakeet keep its beak clean and healthy. Remember that an overgrown beak may be a sign of disease, so be sure to bring your budgie to a vet if you notice its beak is overgrown.

Parakeet Cage Basics

Anytime you buy a bird cage, you should keep the following basic points in mind so that your bird stays happy and healthy.

  • Remember that birds live in large, open spaces in the wild. Therefore, you should provide the largest cage you possibly can.
  • Stock your cage with lots of toys and other items to keep your bird intellectually and emotionally healthy. Bells, mirrors and plastic balls are all parakeet favorites.
  • You should always place food and water above perches to avoid contamination.
  • Provide your parakeet with as much time as possible outside of the cage.
  • Similarly, provide several different cages to prevent boredom. A cage for daytime use and another for sleeping is ideal.
  • Place the daytime cage in an area where there is not too much noise, but where your bird will be able to have social contact.
  • Put the cage well away from any toxic chemicals, such as cleaning solvents and other household items. Also, never smoke around your bird. In addition, make sure to keep your bird away from steam.

What Is The Best Budgie Or Parakeet Cage?

You have read about all the important factors involved in buying a parakeet cage. Now you may be wondering, which parakeet cage comes with all of these important features. We have found the Double Tiki Treehouse Bird Cage combines all of these features in a single cage.

parakeet cage

This is the only parakeet cage you will ever need, even if you have multiple birds. The bar spacing of 1/2″ is perfect for budgies and will ensure that your birds will never get their heads caught. This is a flight cage that comes with a removable divider. Your budgies will have plenty of room to fly from one end of the cage to the other. The bottom of the cage consists of two grills and slide out, making cleaning a breeze. Your birds will live long, healthy lives because the cage is coated with non-toxic paint.

The Double Tiki Treehouse Bird Cage comes with all the necessities to help you care for your budgies. These include 4 aviary style plastic bowls for food and water, two wooden perches, and two nest box doors. The storage shelf at the bottom provides plenty of room to store the extras, such as toys, cleaning supplies and extra food. Assembly and transport are easy, as the cage castors. 

Prevue Pet Products Park Plaza Large Bird Cage

parakeet cage

This large, Prevue Pet Products bird cage is a close second choice for the best parakeet cage. With 1/2″ bar spacing and a non-toxic finish, this is a safe choice for your parakeets. Necessities such as a perch and food and stainless steel food and water bowls are included. It is made of wrought iron to last for many years. There is a pull-out grill that makes cleaning this cage a snap and it comes with seed guards to help prevent debris from falling out of the cage. This cage comes with a tough, secure lock to ensure that your parakeets will stay safe and will not escape. This parakeet cage measures 24″ long, 20″ wide and 52 3/4″ high, so there is plenty of room for your parakeet to spread its wings!

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