The Best Safe Toys For Your Pet Bird

The Best Safe Toys For Your Pet Bird

Safe Bird Toys 

When considering toys for your pet bird, you should remember that safety is paramount. You can always ask your vet about bird safety, but it is best to also do your own research before you get a pet bird. Caring for a pet bird is like caring for a child—birds need your constant care and attention at all times to be safe and healthy. When you read up or talk to your vet about bird safety, be sure to research safe bird toys.

All birds need toys because they are highly intelligent. However, your bird will spend most of its time in a cage. That is why it’s so important to provide toys for entertainment and stimulation. A lack of toys could lead to boredom, depression, and obesity of your bird. On the other hand, if you choose the wrong toys, your bird could get hurt. Not all bird toys are appropriate for all types of birds.

What To Consider When Buying Bird Toys

First, think about the size of the toy. Just like bird toys, birds come in all shapes, sizes and species. If the toy is too small, your bird could eat it and choke. This is not unlike what can happen if you give a young child a small toy. Toys that are too large could also be a problem. Not only will your bird not be able to play with a toy that is too large, your bird may also be frightened. Remember that a large toy could also fall or swing and hurt your bird. Therefore, you should always buy toys that your bird will be comfortable playing with.

Safe Bird Toys Contain No Harmful Chemicals

When you purchase bird toys, be sure to  read the label and make sure they are dyed only with natural substances, like vegetable dyes. If you want to be even safer, buy only untreated toys. Birds chew on everything they can get their beaks on, so other materials may also be harmful. Watch out for toys that contain metal parts, because some metals can make birds very sick. When in doubt, talk to your vet.

When you purchase a bird toy,  properly attaching it to your bird’s cage is also of the utmost importance. Never use clips that are not specially made for this. Other types of clips could be made of an unsafe metal.  They could also snap off completely, causing your bird injury. It is much better to use string to attach the toy to the cage. Otherwise use clips specially made for birdcages.

Your vet may sell toys for your bird that are both safe and fun. In spite of taking all the necessary precautions, if your bird does sustain an injury due to a toy, call the vet right away. Have your vet’s number handy so that you can get your bird the care it needs as quickly as possible.

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