Solar Powered Bird Bath Fountain Reviews (Updated)

Solar Powered Bird Bath Fountain Reviews (Updated)

Solar Powered Bird Bath Fountain Reviews

Because of the wide variety of solar powered bird bath fountains on the market, and because they are becoming more and more popular, we have written some solar powered bird bath fountain reviews for some fountains available on Amazon. These reviews are intended to help you decide on a model before you make your purchase. You can also read this article if you are interested in learning more about how solar bird bath pumps work.

A solar powered bird bath fountain has many advantages, both for you and for the birds that use your bird bath. Solar powered fountains are one good way to keep bird bath water moving, and that is a good way to attract more birds to your backyard. In addition, moving water is known to help prevent the growth of algae, which means less cleaning for you. Beyond these benefits, a solar powered bird bath fountain costs nothing to run, because it uses no electricity or batteries. It is also good for the environment because it solar bird bath fountains produce no waste products.

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The Solatec Solar Powered Bird Bath Fountain

solar powered bird bath

This is one of the most popular solar fountains on Amazon. It is also one more the most highly rated and recommended.  It is a high-powered, eco-friendly water pump that will attract many birds. This is the newest, most up-to-date model of this solar bird bath fountain. You may choose to remove the nozzle to prevent water from splashing out of your bird bath. This fountain comes with four different spray heads, so you can switch them to change the way and intensity of the stream. Generally, the water will attain a height of about 30-50 centimeters.

Some models of solar bird bath fountains stop working if they are not in direct sunlight. Not this model!. You can even place this in a shadowy area and it will still work, although the stream may be less consistent. This fountain has suction cups on the bottom that will keep in place in the bird bath. This fountain is very inexpensive at less than $15. It is well worth the investment if you want to enhance your backyard birding environment.

Solar Fountain With Two Modes

solar powered bird bath fountain reviews

If you live in an area that gets little direct sunlight, this bird bath fountain is the right choice for you. It features both a solar and an electric mode, so when there is little or no direct sunlight, just switch the fountain to electric mode and this fountain keep on pumping! When there is direct sunlight, it takes only 3 seconds for the water to start flowing. This fountain comes with a DC cable with a USB head to connect to an electric power source. This model is high efficiency and also comes with four nozzle heads so you can vary the size and type of water spray. The solar cell will work for 10,000 hours. This fountain has a reasonable price under $20.

Customers are raving about this bird bath fountain, and report that it works well in small ponds, too!

Note: Since the original review appeared, this item has been replaced by a pump without a backup. Because solar power is sometimes unreliable, you should consider a pump that has a battery back up.

Solar Bird Bath Fountain With Battery Backup

solar powered bird bath

If you are looking for a solar bird bath fountain that is both environmentally friendly and reliable, consider this one from Minuano. This pump will work well with solar power when in full sunlight. Remember, full sunlight is always the best condition for solar bird bath fountains. However, if your bird bath is in an area with more shade, the battery will kick in. The battery will store the solar energy when sunlight is strong. You should charge the battery before the first use. On cloudy days, the pump will use the energy from the battery.

This solar fountain will work best when in water that is at least 2.5cm deep and clean. Remember to clean it regularly to prevent clogging.

Unique Leaf Shaped Freestanding Solar Fountain

solar powered bird bath

This is a very unique, freestanding solar powered bird bath fountain that will blend perfectly into your landscape! This fountain uses no batteries or electricity and it has the shape of a lotus flower. It requires direct sunlight and will begin working within 3 seconds of light shining on it. You will reap all the usual benefits of a bird bath fountain, such as improved oxygen circulation, less algae and fewer mosquitoes in addition to emitting no carbon into the atmosphere. Customers report using this in bird baths, ponds and even in hot tubs! Add a little serenity to your life with this unique bird bath fountain.

Update: This pump has received some poor feedback from customers, so we can no longer recommend this pump. Any solar pump required as much direct sunlight as possible to work at full capacity. However, it appears that this is not that well made. We would therefore recommend the Solartec Solar Bird Bath Fountain instead.

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