Bird Baths For Sale And Advice On Which Bird Baths To Buy

Bird Baths For Sale And Advice On Which Bird Baths To Buy

Bird Bath Advice

After thousands of hours of research, after reviewing hundreds of bird baths, has put together the ultimate guide to help you buy the perfect bird bath. You might be a lifelong birding enthusiast or you might be new to the hobby. Or, you may be a homeowner looking to beautify your backyard or property.

In nature, birds can get water from various sources such as the food they eat, snow, dew, puddles, or other bodies of water. But there are times when water can be scarce, such as during summer droughts and when water sources freeze over in the winter. Bird species that would not usually visit your yard may stop at your birdbath for a drink during these periods. Remember that birds also carry water back to their young in their beaks, so bird baths may encourage your avian visitors to build their nests nearby.

As you can see, a bird bath can be a life-saving addition to your yard or landscape. Buying a bird bird bath is a big decision. No matter your birding experience, this guide will help you buy the perfect bird bath. Now, you have all the advice you need in one place!

Where To Put A Bird Bath

You should consider more than just the area surrounding your bird bath. Of course, you should consider the size of your yard and the colors and species of the trees, shrubs and flowers surrounding it. For example, a cement or concrete bird bath blends in nicely with almost any landscape. You can place them near plants of any type or color because they have the natural color of stone and gravel. Plastic or resin bird baths are also available in a wide variety of colors, such as green, white, or stone color.

You should also consider the climate where you live. If you live in a cold climate, you should know that most plastic or resin bird baths should be stored indoors during the cold winter months. Storing your bird bath indoors will help avoid cracking. Cement and concrete bird baths can also crack in the cold and should be sealed if you intend to keep your bird bath outdoors all year.

Safety First!

Of course, the safety of birds should also be one of the main factors when considering bird bath placement. Place your bird bath in an area difficult for predators to reach, such as near trees but not directly under them. This will give the birds a quick and easy escape route if predators are nearby. It will also prevent your bird bath from becoming contaminated by debris and animal droppings falling from trees. Also, you should avoid placing your bird bath in open areas that invite predators to attack birds.

Bird Bath Design

Bird baths can be considered almost any water vessel – from a old plastic cereal bowl to a backyard pond. Whatever form bird baths take, make sure yours have the most bird-friendly features. Birds prefer a bird baths with sloping edges. This allows them to bathe in water with a comfortable depth. A dry edge is ideal, as it gives birds a place to land before bathing or drinking.

Sometimes birds don`t use bird baths because they are too deep. Keep the water shallow. A depth of 1 to 3 inches at the bowl`s deepest point is ideal. Remember most birds prefer to bathe in water that is no deeper than their legs are long.

If you buy a birdbath that is too deep, you may be able fix the problem by adding flat rocks or gravel to the middle of the basin. For bird baths that are too smooth or slippery, bathtub stickers can provide the rougher surfaces birds prefer.

Most birds will not bathe in bird baths that that have smooth or slippery surfaces. However, they may land on the edge to drink. A rough-textured bowl is better because the birds can hold on to it more easily with their talons.

Birds will use all shapes and sizes of bird baths. But remember, the bigger the bird bath the more birds will use it. The ideal diameter for bird baths is about 18 inches to accommodate the most birds.

Types of Bird Baths

You will find a wide variety of ready-made bird baths at All bird baths available here have advantages and disadvantages: Concrete baths are readily available, look and feel like stone, blend into most yards and landscapes, and can withstand strong winds and harsh weather. Birds like concrete baths because because they prefer rough surfaces Plastic bird bath bowls placed on solid stands are lightweight and and easy to move around. They are also easy to clean. However, plastic bird bath bowls often have steep sides and are slippery. Plastic is also prone to cracking if water freezes in it.

Ceramic bird baths can look nice, but glazed ceramic is very slippery. Hanging bird baths can be placed in areas where it might not be convenient to locate a ground bird bath, such as in areas where predators are lurking. However, water spills easily from them, especially on windy days. Ground-level bird baths and drippers can be an attractive water feature and are preferred by some species, such as hummingbirds. They are often larger than traditional bird baths and may attract other wildlife types of animals.

Attracting Birds

If you want to attract the widest variety of birds, place several baths in different locations around your property. A bath with shrubs or other small trees nearby can attract smaller species, like warblers and wrens. A ground-level bird bath can attract larger birds, such as juncos. When placing bird bath on your property, consider how you’re going to keep it clean and full.

Consider these other tips if you would like to attract more birds to your bath. A small twigs and branches will attract birds that need shelter nearby. Birds also will use nearby shrubs and trees with low branches for shelter and protection. However, be careful not to provide so much cover that you give refuge to local cats that prey on birds.

Birds are attracted to the sound and movement of water. Commercial birdbaths with built-in fountains, drippers, or misters help to attract birds. However, commercially available bird baths rarely have the best bowl designs. You can make modifications with stones, gravel or adhesives to make these bird baths more appealing to birds.

Keep It Warm

In cold winter climates, bird baths can sometimes due to the expansion of bird bath water when it freezes. A bird bath heater or deicer is the perfect solution for this. Remember, birds need to drink and bathe all year round, even in winter. Although birds can eat snow and melting ice, doing so causes them to expend more energy. To be sure your bird bath is a reliable source of water. Keep bird bath water from freezing between dawn and dusk, when birds are most active.

You can use various methods to keep your bird bath ice free. You can pour warm water into the bowl, but this is tedious and water can freeze over again quickly. Put a stick of wood into the water during cold weather to help you get the ice out and add fresh warm water.

Birdbaths with thermostatically controlled heaters will save you time. Small, inexpensive heaters are available for purchase on this site. Your electric bird bath heater will need a source of electricity to run. Make sure your outdoor outlet is on a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI). This will cut off the flow of electricity in the event of a short circuit. If you are not sure how to wire one yourself, consult a qualified electrician. Always keep your bird bath full of clean water when using a heater, or the heater may become damaged.

Prevent Disease

To prevent diseases, such as West Nile or Zika virus, change the water every few days. Rinse a dipping pool every week with a garden hose to get ride of seeds and other debris. The more birds you see using the bird bath, the more often it should be cleaned.

Scrub bird baths a few times each month with a plastic brush. This helps remove algae and bacteria. Never add toxic chemicals to bird baths to kill algae or insects or to prevent water from freezing.

Useful Features

You will find many bird baths that come with additional features that will help you attract even more birds. A bird bath heater is one feature that will allow you to provide neighborhood birds with a fresh source of water all year long. Many bird baths already come with built in electric heaters and power cords rated for outdoor use. You will find other bird baths that come without built in heaters.Separate heaters can be purchased and run very inexpensively and can very easily be added to almost any bird bath. You should remember that a bird bath heater will not make the water warm, but will only prevent the water from freezing.

A pump is another feature you may wish to consider. If a large fountain is too large or too expensive, adding a pump to any birdbath will save you space and money while still attracting many more birds. You can add a pump to any standard sized basin to keep the water flowing. In addition to attracting more birds, you will also reduce algae and bacteria growth, ensuring the health of your birds. Pumps come in both electric and solar models and cost pennies per day to run. They are also inexpensive, with many models available for under $50.


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