Garden Bird Bath Information For Winter And Summer

Garden Bird Bath Information For Winter And Summer

Garden Bird Bath Information For Winter And Summer

When you place a  garden bird bath in your back yard, you are providing a place where birds can come and drink, as well as giving birds a place to clean their feathers and bathe. Bathing and preening are important activities that birds do all year long, even in winter. A heated bird bath in your outdoor landscape or yard, will encourage birds to continue these activities while also providing a source of water. Clean feathers allow birds to fly better and discourage parasites and predators from living in their feathers.

Feeders, garden bird baths and artificial nests that you provide will help to protect many endangered song bird species. This is why the clean, fresh water you provide is so important, even more so in winter. If you do choose to provide both a feeder and a bird bath, you can place the two near each other. When the birds come to eat, they will see the water and will want to use the bird bath.

Keep Your Bird Bath Clean

To ensure a clean bird bath, it is important to keep the basin free of algae. By doing so, you will not only ensure the birds health, but will also attract more birds to your yard or outdoor landscape. Birds will love bathing in a clean, safe water basin. You should clean and maintain your garden bird bath on a regular basis, draining the water, scrubbing out algae, and using a non-toxic cleaning solutions that is safe for humans and wildlife.

Heated Birdbaths For Winter

Heated bird basin baths come in the familiar pedestal type, in the ground variety, and you can even find mountable ones. Metal bird baths are not recommended for use in the cold winter months, as birds`feet can stick to the frozen surface of the bath. For safety reasons, it is also best to avoid placing an electric bird bath heater in a metal bird bath.

Plastic heated bird baths tend to last well in the cold weather. A good heater will keep the water ice free to minus twenty degrees Fahrenheit. In summer, you can store the power cord beneath the basin or on some models, it can simply be detached from the basin. Although less common, bird bath heaters also come in solar models. Read more about solar bird bath heaters here.

As with all bird baths, the best heated models slope to about two inches in the middle of the basin, and are about 18 inches in diameter. It is best to buy a bird bath with a textured surface, as this makes it easier for the birds to hold on to. The bird bath heater is usually located underneath the basin, well away from the water, snow and ice.

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