Heated Birdbaths – Is Electric An Easier Alternative To Solar?

Heated Birdbaths – Is Electric An Easier Alternative To Solar?

 All About Heated Birdbaths And Their Benefits

Heated birdbaths offer many benefits to both humans and birds. The possibility of enjoying your bird bath all year round and giving birds a place of refuge as the weather gets colder are just two of the many benefits. There are many types of bird bath heaters, and they are generally either electric or battery powered. As was mentioned in an earlier post on solar birdbaths, it is often impossible to find birdbaths that are heated by sunlight. The cost of collecting and storing enough energy to heat the water day after day is time consuming makes solar bird bath heaters a less cost effective choice. Heated birdbaths that use electrical power can offer a practical solution, if you keep some of the potential pitfalls in mind.

Electric Or Solar Powered Heated Birdbaths?

If you decide to purchase heated birdbaths that use electrical power, remember that you may require a city or town permit, due to a risk of electrocution. Remember to use an extension cord that is as short as possible to avoid mishaps, and one that is rated for outdoor use. Electric ones require maintenance like any other bird bath. Remember to bring your bath indoors for regular cleaning and maintenance, even in the winter months. Many heated birdbaths that you’ll find online and at large retailers have built in heating elements that are pre-set to maintain a temperature for 40-50 degrees Fahrenheit. You can also find heating elements that are designed to float in the water and that shut off automatically when taken out of the water.

The Humane Society recommends that outdoor power outlets be protected with a ground-fault circuit interrupter. This will cut off the electricity in the event of a short circuit. If using a non-integrated heater, it is also important to keep your bird bath as far away as possible from predators to keep them from chewing through the extension cord! Regular cleaning of the heating element will also be necessary to prevent excess lime build up. This could cause the heating element to burst.

The Benefits Of Heated Birdbaths

There are other benefits of heated birdbaths. When water freezes over in winter, it expands, putting birdbaths at risk of cracking. With a heater, you eliminate this risk, potentially lengthening the life of your birdbath. Of course, there are also benefits to the bird. Birds usually expend much more energy trying to find food and water. Trying to melt snow to drink the water makes birds expend even more energy Heated birdbaths ensure that there is always a fresh supply of water and that birds will not use their energy trying to peck through the ice.

The seasons always bring change but heaters can ensure your bird bath remains fully operational. You can turn a wintery garden into a place of life and a valuable resource for birds. They protect your bird bath and keep your avian visitors happy over the winter. That’s why heated birdbaths are popular additions to the yard or landscape

Don’t be afraid to ask for the recommended model if you buy your heater in a store. If shopping online, take the time to read user reviews to understand how the product works. With a little bit of research before you purchase, you can have a heated birdbath that will remain a resource all year long for the local birds in your community

K&H Manufacturing Birdbath Deicer

For safety and an excellent price, we recommend the K&H Manufacturing Super Ice Eliminator available from Amazon. This heater is super durable and can be painted any color. It will keep your birdbath water ice free as low as -20F. The model will also not burn or melt plastic birdbaths. This heater is available in two sizes: 50 watts for the average birdbath, 80 watts for the largest birdbaths. Both models controlled by a thermostat and turn on only in the coldest weather.

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