How To Build A Bird Aviary

How To Build A Bird Aviary

How Do I Build A Bird Aviary?

Readers of often ask where they can find the do it yourself guide on bird aviary construction. Most of the time, the answer is: “pretty much anywhere!” While It’s true that there are hundreds of websites about bird aviary building, those who claim to be experts are often not. The problem is that there is so much confusion online about the topic of aviary construction, it’s hard to know which websites and experts offer the best advice.

If you would like to eliminate the confusion involved in bird aviary planning and construction we can recommend a book that has helped many backyard bird enthusiasts build their own aviaries. This book will help you build your own bird aviary, too!

Bird Aviary Plans

The book is called “How To Build An Aviary” and in it, you will find all the information you need to know about how to build a bird aviar yourself and on a tight budget.

Here’s some of the information you will find in the book

  • A wide variety of aviary plans available including: large, medium and small bird aviary. Also included are plans for, bird rooms, nesting boxes and breeding cages.
  • Easy to build – clear, colored, step-by-step designs provide you with all the measurements and instructions you need to build your bird aviary – even a complete beginner can do it.
  • No special skills or experience required – this this book is for complete beginners. You can use basic carpentry tools you probably already have around the house.
  • Easy on your budget! – building a your own bird aviary can save you up to 80% over buying one. This adds up to hundreds (sometimes thousands) of dollars in your pocket.
  • Print whenever you need it– the book is sent to you in a downloadable format so you can print as many copies as you wish. If your copy is lost or damaged, simply print a new one.
  •  Plans for both indoors and outdoor bird aviaries– Pick your favorites!
  • Much, much more!

Another great feature of this book is the price.

It’s only $27, but it’s saved hundreds of people thousands of dollars in construction costs. In addition, it will help your avoid buying an expensive aviary assembly kit, too!

Check out this exciting book by clicking on the picture here:

bird aviary

Buy A Bird Aviary

If you would prefer to buy a bird aviary rather than building one, you should first consider the advantages of both indoor and outdoor aviaries.

Advantages Of An Indoor Bird Aviary

  • Weather is not a factor influencing construction.
  • No need to worry about predators.
  • Better access to your birds since they will be indoors.
  • If birds escape, they won’t get far!
  • Wider range of possible materials since weather is not a factor.
  • Less expensive than outdoor aviaries.
  • Usually smaller than outdoor aviaries.

Advantages Of An Outdoor Aviary

  • Offers birds a more natural habitat, close to trees, fresh air etc.
  • Since you will most likely have more space to build outside, you can build a larger aviary.
  • Will not clutter your house.
  • No mess to clean up in your house.

Where To Put A Bird Aviary

No matter if you choose and indoor or outdoor model, there are several factors you should consider when deciding where to place your new bird aviary. If you buy an indoor aviary, you should consider the following:

  • In which room or area of your home will your put your aviary
  • Is the lighting and ventilation in that area sufficient for birds
  • Where will you place the feeding trays and watering areas for birds
  • Consider whether furniture or other objects will need to be re-arranged to accommodate your indoor aviary.
  • Will you purchase an aviary on wheels or that is small enough to be carried around your house
  • How will you protect the floors and walls of the area where the aviary is located

If you buy an outdoor bird aviary, you should consider the following points:

  • Be sure to place the aviary where possible noise and mess will not bother the neighbors
  • Consider whether the birds will have enough shade. Too much direct sunlight can be dangerous to birds
  • Place the aviary at a safe distance from dangerous or noisy equipment or machinery
  • Be sure to check with the town or city where you live to ensure you have the proper permits

Best Indoor Outdoor Bird Aviary

bird aviary

After much research and reading many reviews, this is the best bird aviary we’ve found. The Trixie Products Natura bird aviary is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. This aviary is made of CARB Phase 2 complaint wood. This means the wood is some of the healthiest you’ll find anywhere for both birds and humans. The floor pulls out of easy maintenance. In addition, this aviary comes with a range of extra accessories, such as 2 perches, a climbing frame, a ladder, a feeding tray and 2 stainless steel bowls. There is a side flap for attaching a bird bath and horizontal bars for attaching bird toys. 

Customers report that this aviary is very easy to assemble and that birds love it. Some customers have even reported seeing the same or similar aviaries for twice this price, so buy yours today!

Second Best Indoor Outdoor Bird Aviary

bird aviary

This bird aviary has received excellent customer reviews! The only reasons why we are rating this the second best is because of the size and because it is made of metal rather than wood. Customers report that this aviary is extremely durable and rust resistant. Some customers have left this aviary outside day and night for months and saw no signs of rust. This aviary is made of 100% non-toxic metal and stands on casters, so you can move it very easily. The tray at the bottom slides out for easy cleaning. Simple instructions on YouTube will help you assemble this one in a snap!

Check out more bird aviaries available on Amazon:

Magshion 70
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Pawhut 65
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LAZYMOON Vision Large Bird Cage Silver Aluminum Bird Aviary Walk In Parrot Cockatiel Macare Finch Cage Pet House Supply
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