Buy Or Build An Indoor Outdoor Bird Aviary (Updated 2021)

Buy Or Build An Indoor Outdoor Bird Aviary (Updated 2021)

An Indoor Or Outdoor Bird Aviary?

If you are looking to buy a bird aviary, you should first consider the advantages of both indoor and outdoor aviaries. Most experts will tell you that outdoor aviaries are better than indoor ones. This is because outdoor aviaries provide birds with more room and better access to sunlight and fresh air. An outdoor bird aviary can also simulate a bird’s natural environment more closely. However, if you live in a colder climate, or if you don’t have much space for an outdoor aviary, an indoor option may still be right for you.

If you find researching the best indoor and outdoor bird aviaries and daunting task, we have taken much of the hard work out of it for you! We have selected the best bird aviaries for both indoor and outdoor use. These aviaries are available for sale on Amazon. Simply click on the pictures below to learn more about each aviary or to purchase one. Also, be sure to read about the factors to consider when comparing indoor and outdoor bird aviaries.

Best Indoor Outdoor Bird Aviary For Sale

After much research and reading many customer reviews, this is one of the best bird aviary kit we’ve found for all kinds of birds. The Trixie Products Natura bird aviary is great for both indoor and outdoor use. This aviary consists of CARB Phase 2 complaint wood. This means the wood is some of the healthiest you’ll find anywhere for both birds and humans. Why? Because this compliance level means the wood is almost completely free of formaldehyde. It complies with the strictest California emissions standards for treated wood production. To prevent birds from chewing the wood, you can even spray the aviary with a little bitter apple spray.

The floor pulls out of easy maintenance. In addition, this aviary comes with a range of extra accessories, such as 2 perches, a climbing frame, a ladder, a feeding tray and 2 stainless steel bowls. There is a side flap for attaching a bird bath and horizontal bars for attaching bird toys.  In addition, this aviary is very versatile, and is even great for smaller bird breeds, such as parakeets or finches. 

Customers report that this aviary is very easy to assemble and that birds love it. Some customers have even reported seeing the same or similar aviaries for twice this price, so buy yours today!

bird aviary

Another Great Indoor Outdoor Aviary

This bird aviary kit has received excellent customer reviews! If you are looking for an aviary that is more resistant to chewing, metal is a great choice. The metal has a non-toxic coating, which means that it is 100% safe for birds and humans. Another great feature is the bar spacing. At 0.36″ this aviary is another great choice for smaller birds, like finches. There will be no risk for birds escaping or getting their head caught between the bars.

Customers report that this aviary is extremely durable and rust resistant. Some customers have left this aviary outside day and night for months and saw no signs of rust. This aviary stands on casters, so you can move it very easily if you are planning to keep it indoors. The tray at the bottom slides out for easy cleaning. This aviary also comes with plastic feeding bowls that we recommend upgrading to stainless steel.

bird aviary

What Birds Can You Put Together In An Indoor Or Outdoor Aviary?

As a general rule of thumb, the larger the species of bird, the better it is to keep the birds with others of their own species. For example, parrots and macaws are large and can sometimes be aggressive. Therefore, it is better to keep them with their own kind. Also consider factors like the size of the species, the temperament and the species diet when deciding to keep different species together in an aviary. If larger birds become aggressive, they can easily injure the smaller aviary residents.

On the other hand, you can mix canaries and zebra finches together in the same aviary. The reason for this is that canaries and finches are both soft bills, whereas birds such as parrots and parakeets are hook bills. You should never mix soft bills and hook bills together in the same aviary, because hook bills have much more powerful beaks. These beaks can easily crush seeds, hulls and other hard foods. On the other hand, soft bills feed on things such as fruit and insects. The much more powerful beaks of the hook bill birds can pose a real danger to soft bills.

In all cases, if you are planning to mix different species in the same aviary, make sure your provide the largest aviary possible.

Ventilation Of A Room With An Indoor Or Outdoor Bird Aviary

If you decide on an indoor aviary, you will need to make sure you have adequate ventilation. If your aviary is in a room that gets very hot in the summer, you should also add an air conditioner. A window model will work fine, or one that you can place on the floor with a hose that leads out the window.

Here is  another quick and easy way to ventilate a room with an indoor aviary. If the room has windows at opposite ends, you can place fans in each of the windows to keep the air circulating. Point the fan into the room in the window where the wind enters. In the opposite window, point the fan in the other direction, so the air blows out. This will create a vacuum that will keep the air flowing on a continuous basis. This is a very simple set up that is appropriate if you have a few birds living in a single indoor bird aviary. If you have more than a few birds a more elaborate ventilation system may be appropriate.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Indoor And Outdoor Aviaries

Advantages Of An Indoor Aviary

  • Weather is not a factor that will influence construction.
  • No need to worry about predators, except, of course, indoor cats or snakes!
  • Better access to your birds since they will be indoors.
  • If birds escape, they won’t get far!
  • Wider range of possible materials since weather is not a factor.
  • Tend to be less expensive than outdoor aviaries.
  • Usually smaller than outdoor aviaries, so they take up less space.
  • If you birds are sick or elderly, and indoor aviary may be the best way to ensure they stay safe.

Disadvantages of An Indoor Aviary

  • You will not have as much space to work with. The birds will also have less room to fly and exercise.
  • There will be fewer options for your aviary floor.
  • The birds will not benefit from a natural environment with sunlight and outdoor plants.
  • You will need to be especially careful to protect the area of your home where you place the aviary. Be sure to avoid damage to your home’s floors and walls.
  • Take special care to provide adequate ventilation, for both humans and birds.

Advantages Of An Outdoor Bird Aviary

  • Offers birds a more natural habitat, close to trees, fresh air etc.
  • Since you will most likely have more space to build outside, you can build a larger aviary.
  • Will not clutter your house.
  • No mess to clean up in your house.
  • You can always add on in the future, as your flock grows.

Disadvantages Of An Outdoor Bird Aviary

  • Requires good planning, especially if you are going to build one yourself.
  • Maintenance is more involved because you must protect it from the elements.
  • Can be harder to clean, so you should choose good materials, especially for the floors and the side panels.
  • If you live in a colder climate, you will need to heat your bird aviary. If the winters are very harsh, you may need to get an indoor aviary instead.
  • An outdoor aviary may be difficult to disassemble if you ever need to move.
  • An outdoor aviary is more prone to predators. This means that you must pay close attention to quality and materials, especially if you build the aviary yourself.

Outdoor Bird Aviary – What Else To Consider

  • If you live in a rainy or cold area, you may consider installing an extended roof and an outdoor heater.
  • If you live in a hot, sunny climate, make sure you also install an extended roof and place the aviary in a shaded area.
  • In windy areas, place your aviary behind walls or other natural wind breakers.
  • Most of the time, whether you buy or build an aviary, you will need to add an aviary floor. We recommend cement for this. Read this article for more specific advice on how to build a good foundation and floor for your aviary.

Bird Aviary Placement

No matter if you choose and indoor or outdoor model, there are several factors you should consider when deciding where to place your new bird aviary. If you buy an indoor aviary, you should consider the following:

  • In which room or area of your home will your put your aviary
  • Is the lighting and ventilation in that area sufficient for birds
  • Where will you place the feeding trays and watering areas for birds
  • Consider whether furniture or other objects will need to be re-arranged to accommodate your indoor aviary.
  • Will you purchase an aviary on wheels or that is small enough to be carried around your house
  • How will you protect the floors and walls of the area where the aviary is located

If you buy an outdoor bird aviary, you should consider the following points:

  • Be sure to place the aviary where possible noise and mess will not bother the neighbors
  • Consider whether the birds will have enough shade. Too much direct sunlight can be dangerous to birds
  • Place the aviary at a safe distance from dangerous or noisy equipment or machinery
  • Be sure to check with the town or city where you live to ensure you have the proper permits

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