How To Make Aviary Panels

How To Make Aviary Panels

If you are planning to build an aviary, you probably already know that aviary netting and aviary mesh are two of the most important bird aviary materials. When you learn how to make aviary panels correctly, you will keep your birds safe from predators and you will help prevent accidental escapes. This article describes how to make aviary panels to keep your birds safe and secure.

What To Consider When Making Aviary Panels

If you are in the planning stage of building your aviary, you should always ensure that you have enough aviary net or aviary wire to cover the panels. Exactly how much you will need will depend on the kind of birds you will keep. For birds such as chickens, doves, pheasants, quail and turkey, you should plan on using at least 100 square feet. When you consider how to make aviary panels, you should keep the following aviary size guidelines in mind:

  • Small birds: 20″x 24″ x 24″
  • Medium birds: 25″x 32″ x 35″
  • Large Birds: 35″x 40″x 50″
  • Extra Large Birds: 40″x 50″x 60″

How To Make Aviary Panels Out Of Wire Mesh And Wood

First, compare the size of the wire mesh to the aviary frame. Cut away any extra mesh with wire cutters. To fasten the mesh to the panel, use a hammer and u nails. If you make a mistake when sizing the mesh, you can use multiple pieces to cover the wooden frame by fastening them together with wire clips and pliers. Once you have made all of the aviary panels, you can attach them to the frame to complete the aviary.

What Is The Difference Between Aviary Net And Aviary Wire?

Simply put, you should use aviary net if you are building an aviary or coops for birds such as chickens, pheasants or turkeys. On the other hand, if you are building an aviary for pet birds, such as parrots, budgies and finches, aviary wire is the way to go. If you use aviary wire, make sure to use materials that are safe for birds, such as aluminum, stainless steel, or steel wire that is galvanized after welding. Aviary net, on the other hand, consists of materials such as nylon or polypropylene.

We recommend stainless steel as the best material for aviary mesh. This is because it is very strong, safe and rustproof. Stainless steel aviary panels will last you for years and will save you both time and money.

how to make aviary panels

If you install aviary netting, we recommend nylon. Nylon offers excellent protection from UV rays, which means that this material will not weaken or lose its shape in the sun. It is also water resistant, making it a good choice if you live in an area where your aviary or coop will be exposed to the elements.

Aviary Wire Or Aviary Net Spacing

If you are going to be housing larger birds, such as parrots, you should use aviary net that has 1`wire spacing. If you are building a finch aviary, the gaps should be 1/2″. For smaller birds, we recommend even closer spacing, such as 1/4″. The diameter of the wire you use should be anywhere from 2mm for small birds to 5mm for the larger breeds.

What Tools Should I Use To Make Aviary Panels

You can use some simple tools when you make your aviary panels. It is likely that you already have most of these tools somewhere around the house. You can use zip ties for fastening your aviary netting. A wire cutter is a must if you need to properly size the aviary mesh to fit it to the frame. Wire clips will help you fasten more than one piece of mesh to the frame if you make a mistake when cutting the wire. Use u nails to fasten the mesh to the frame and pliers for other miscellaneous jobs.

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