Outdoor Bird Aviary [Learn The Secrets Of The Best Aviary]

Outdoor Bird Aviary [Learn The Secrets Of The Best Aviary]

Outdoor Bird Aviary

An outdoor bird aviary is simply a large enclosure for birds that is located outdoors. Bird aviaries come in all shapes and sizes and specifications. Not only that, you have a wide range of options when it comes to outdoor aviaries. You can buy them, have them custom made, or build them yourself depending on your needs and your budget. However, no matter which type of aviary you choose, your decision will have a lot to do with the species of birds you would like to keep there.

If you are thinking about buying an outdoor aviary, or building one of your own, read on to learn everything you should consider.

The Advantages Of Outdoor Bird Aviaries

The main advantage of a bird aviary over any other kind of bird cage, is that your birds will have room to fly in it. This has obvious benefits for your birds, including keeping their muscles strong and toned. In addition, providing an enclosure with ample space will ensure the emotional health of your birds. If you already own a bird, like a parrot, you know that when they are under stress, they are more likely to scream and pull out their own feathers. You should avoid this at all costs. Remember that once a bird begins exhibiting these behaviors, they are very difficult to break.

If you provide a large outdoor aviary for your birds, you will also have plenty of room to provide them perches and toys that will help prevent boredom.

Aviary Considerations

If you would like to provide an aviary for your birds, there are a few important factors to consider and some important decisions that you will need to make.

  • Are you going to buy or build a bird aviary? If you build a bird aviary, you will be able to construct it according to your own specifications. In addition, you will be able to select your own materials and tools. Even if you have never been a handy person, you can find inexpensive aviary plans that will guide you through the process. In addition, you will learn exactly which tools to use and where to get the least expensive materials.
  • Where are you going to put your outdoor bird aviary? This decision is of critical importance. You should always place your aviary in an area that is well protected from predators. If possible, place the aviary far away from the nearest buildings and not directly under trees. This way, you will make it difficult for predators to climb to the roof of the neighboring building and get to your birds.
  • Is your aviary safe for birds? Whether you decide to buy or build your aviary, you should always make sure it’s safe. If you decide to build your aviary, we recommend stainless steel for the aviary mesh. Stainless steel is one of the most durable materials you can use. It is rust resistant, and, if you use medical grade stainless steel, it is completely rust proof. Wrought iron is also a bird-safe material. However, you should stay away from galvanized metals.

Remember that aviary safety goes well beyond the types of materials you decide to use. Read on to learn more about the features of a well-constructed aviary.

Aviary Construction

Even if you decide to buy an outdoor aviary instead of building one, you should still pay close attention to aviary construction. What are the secrets of a well-built aviary?

The Aviary Floor

You should decide which materials you are going to use for your aviary floor early on. The best type of floor, by far is concrete. Concrete is easy to clean and is resistant to pathogens because there is no place for bacteria to hide. You can simply hose it down on a daily basis to keep your aviary clean and healthy. You can also build your concrete floor at a slope and add holes for good drainage. However, make sure that the holes are small enough to prevent predators from entering the aviary through the drainage holes.

Remember that an aviary floor is a consideration regardless of whether you buy or build you aviary. Most aviary kits for sale do not include a floor. Either way, we do not recommend grass or soil as an aviary floor because it is easy for predators to burrough their way into the aviary. Soil also exposes your birds to more pests and bacteria.

For more instructions on how to make a concrete aviary floor, be sure to check out this article.

The Aviary Panels

You should construct your aviary panels to be sturdy enough to prevent escapes and resist predators. The material you choose should be safe for birds. In addition, make sure to cut away all loose ends when fastening the wire mesh to the frames. The side of the aviary panels with the wire fasteners should be on the outside of the aviary to prevent accidental injuries.

The Aviary Roof

You can use plastic corrugated roofing panels for the roof. Add a layer of roof roll beneath the plastic and be sure to add gutter material around the roof of the aviary to keep your birds, and the inside of the aviary dry and safe.

corrugated plastic roofing appropriate for bird aviaries
Corrugated plastic roofing material

Heating Your Outdoor Bird Aviary

Birds are cold-blooded animals. Consequently, you will need to make a careful decision about how you will heat your aviary if you live in a colder climate. If your area has very cold winters, you should opt for an indoor aviary instead. However, if you live in a climate where the temperatures go only as low as about 40 Fahrenheit in winter, you have several heating options available. These include tube lamp heaters or heating panels that you can hang on the wall. Of course, you will need to supply electricity. Whichever option you choose, make sure the heat source is adequately covered so the birds don’t burn themselves.

heater appropriate for birds and poultry

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