How To Rock The Best Outdoor Parrot Aviary In Your Neighborhood

How To Rock The Best Outdoor Parrot Aviary In Your Neighborhood

The Best Outdoor Parrot Aviary

If you own any of the following parrots, you may be looking to buy the best outdoor parrot aviary for your bird: African grey parrots, macaw parrots, cockatoo parrots, eclectus parrots, or amazon parrots. If you already own a parrot, you know these birds have special needs because they are highly intelligent and need lots of room to move around.

Build An Outdoor Parrot Aviary

Parrots are large birds and this means they are very strong. If you decide to build your own outdoor parrot aviary, you will need use extra thick wood and extra strong wire. However, these are only a couple of the factors you need to consider. You should avoid galvanized wire, as this is highly toxic to birds. 10 to 12 gauge stainless steel are much better choices, depending of the size and species of parrot.

HARI offers additional valuable tips on building your own parrot aviary. Always remember, bird safety is paramount. Be sure to use lead-free paint and metal. In addition, use two layers of wire mesh to keep your birds safe from predators. Another tip HARI suggests to keep your birds safe include installing an electrical fence around the aviary. You can also the outside of the aviary with about 3 feet of flashing metal to prevent predators from climbing the sides of the aviary.

For more information on building your own outdoor parrot aviary, and to buy plans see Build An Aviary.

Buy An Outdoor Parrot Aviary

If you would rather buy an outdoor parrot aviary, we recommend the A and E Cage Co. Walk-In Aviary. This is one of the most durable aviaries we`ve found. It is safe and non-toxic and made of wrought iron. There is plenty of room in this walk-in aviary to add multiple toys, so your parrots will never get bored!

outdoor parrot aviary

This outdoor aviary does not come with its own floor. We would recommend adding either a soft floor or a cement floor. You can use gravel or sand for a soft floor, covered with pebbles or gravel. Install wire mesh under the gravel to prevent birds from digging their way out or predators from digging their way in! Fasten the mesh to the walls of the aviary to keep it in place. A soft floor is a good choice, however, a cement floor will make the aviary more stable and is easier to maintain.

This aviary is perfect for any large bird species because it has one-inch bar spacing and a 5mm bar size. The only disadvantages of this aviary that we have found is that it is very expensive and heavy to move around. But if you want to give your birds the best, this is the best aviary for you!

Find out more about bird aviaries here.

Advantek The Portico Aviary Auburn
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