The Best Quality Parrot Cages

The Best Quality Parrot Cages

Find The Best Quality Parrot Cages

If you are a bird lover, or if you already own a parrot, you already know how it important it is to provide the best quality parrot cages for your pet parrot. Parrots are intelligent birds, so you should always ensure that you provide them with a stimulating environment. For example, provide your parrot with a wide variety of toys and things to chew, such as wood and sisal rope. Also, you should set up your parrot’s cage in a way that will give it places to hide.

If you do all of this, you will help avoid emotional or behavioral problems. Furthermore, if you put your pet parrot in the wrong type of cage, or one that is too small, they may become depressed or exhibit behaviors such as screaming or feather plucking. They may even become violent and start to bite. You would not want to live in a boring, cramped depressing space, and neither does your parrot!

Another way to avoid these behaviors is to provide your parrot with various cages. For example, you could keep your parrot in one cage during the day, and another during the night. Also, be sure to place the nighttime cage in a quiet area away from traffic and loud noise.

In order to help you provide the best environment for your pet parrot, we have reviewed some of the best cages on Amazon.

The Best Quality Parrot Cages For Large Parrots

best quality parrot cages

One of the best quality parrot cages we have found is the Prevue Pet Products Empire Extra Large Bird Cage. This cage is the perfect size for large parrots. It has dimensions of 46″x36″ x78 3/4″, with bar spacing of 1 3/8″, which makes it perfect for large birds. Note that wire spacing this wide is not appropriate for smaller birds, because they may escape or get caught between the bars! Customers report that the bars are thick and the quality is excellent, so even large birds, like macaws, cockatoos and African Grays, cannot bend or bite through the bars. Although this is one of the largest cages you can find, it is very easy to put together and can be easily moved around on its rollers. As with any bird cages, make sure you place this away from drafty areas.

Best Quality Parrot Cages For All Types Of Parrots

best quality parrot cages

Whether you have a large, medium or small parrot, the Prevue Pet Products Wrought Iron Select Bird Cage will not disappoint. It comes in a wide variety of colors to blend well with the decor of any home. In addition, you can order this sturdy wrought iron cage in 18″x18″x57″, 24″x20″x60″, 30″x22″x63″, or 36″x24″x66″. You can refer to the information below to help determine the correct cage size for your parrot. The slide-out tray at the bottom of this cage makes it a breeze to clean. In addition to parrots, customers report that these cages are perfect for cocktails, cockatoos and conures. Select a larger size and place more than one bird in the cage.

This parrot cage comes with two stainless steel food and water cups and two wooden perches. With the large play area atop this cage, your birds will never be bored! Add even more toys to keep your bird busy for hours.

Parrot Cage Size

Of course, size is one of the most important factors to consider when you select a parrot cage. In general, you should always buy the largest possible cage you can for your pet parrot. Your bird should have enough room to move around and fully extend its wings in the cage. You should follow these guidelines when choosing a parrot cage for your bird. For small birds, cages that are 20″x24″x24″ will be comfortable. For medium-size parrots, choose one that measures at least 25″x32″x35″. Larger parrots will require a cage that is at least 35″x40″x50″, while extra large ones will need a cage of at least 40″x50″x60″.

Wire Spacing And Diameter For Parrot Cages

In addition to the size of the parrot cage, you should always consider bar spacing and diameter so that your bird is safe. Incorrect spacing may lead to injury or accidental escape, so follow this guide and you will never go wrong! For small birds, choose a cage with 1/2″ bar spacing and a diameter of 2mm. For medium birds, spacing of 5/8″-3/4″ will do and a diameter of 2.5mm. If the cage is for a larger bird, the bars should be between 3/4″ and 1″ apart, with a diameter of 3.5mm. And for extra large birds, go for spacing of 1″-1 1/4″ apart and a diameter of 5mm.

Parrot Cage Covers

You may also want to consider buying  a bird cage cover if you want to prevent your parrot from being disturbed. Loud noises, bright lights and activity around the cage can all prevent a bird from sleeping. If you would like to buy a bird cage cover, some factors to consider include the size and shape of the cover, the materials and whether the shape of the cover is appropriate for your parrot cage.

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