Exotic Pet Birds

Exotic Pet Birds

Exotic Pet Birds

Perhaps you have bird watching for quite some time. Or, your interest in birds may go beyond wildlife and extend to pet birds. Did you know that any bird that is not native to where you live is an exotic bird? This means that budgies, canaries and finches are all examples of exotic pet birds. Other examples of exotic pet birds are toucans, macaws and lorikeets. We have already explored various types of smaller birds that you may consider keeping as pets. In this article, you will find out more about the larger breeds of pet birds, such as toucans, macaws and lorikeets.


Have you ever known anyone who has kept a toucan as an exotic pet bird? If not, it is probably because acquiring one can be somewhat difficult. This is because the toucan is considered an endangered species. Just as you have probably seen in pictures or on TV, the toucan’s beak can get quite long. In fact, depending on the variety of toucan, its beak may be between 1 and 2 feet long! If you do decide to adopt a toucan, you must remember that it is a long-term commitment. This is because, in rare cases, toucans can live up to 30 years in captivity. However, most toucans will live between 15 and 20 years. Nonetheless, before you begin setting up your new toucan’s home, you may need to get a license depending on where you live.

Even if you can get a license, you should ask yourself whether you can provide a toucan with proper care. If not, it is best not to adopt one. Toucans are tropical birds, which means you must provide them with a home that ranges in temperature from 64 to 82 degrees Fahrenheit. In the wild, these birds feed on insects and some rodents, but you should mostly feed them a vegetarian diet consisting of fruits and vegetables. As always, there should be a constant supply of fresh water available.

Toucan Housing

There is no question that it is best to keep a toucan in an aviary. This is because an aviary will give your toucan the most room to fly and stretch its muscles. It will also give you more space to provide a habitat that most closely mimics your pet toucan’s natural habitat. At a minimum, you should provide an aviary that is 10’x10’x13′.

Hygiene is of the utmost importance, so make sure the housing you provide is easy to clean. For example, we recommend installing a concrete aviary floor for toucans and all other exotic pet birds. A concrete floor is easy to hose down and will not harbor bacteria as easily as floors consisting of organic materials. For aviary mesh, we always recommend stainless steel as the healthiest and most durable for your pet bird.

While it is not as important to put toys in your toucan’s cage as it is with parrots, for example, you should strive to mimic your toucan’s natural habitat as much as possible. This means adding tree branches to the aviary so your toucan and perch and sharpen its beak.


Macaws are very popular exotic pet birds because of the color of their feathers, their ability to learn tricks and their legendary mimicry skills. It very easy for these birds to bond with humans, however, they can become aggressive towards other birds in the same cage, especially small ones. Like other birds with long life spans, adopting a macaw is a long term commitment. By long term, we mean 80 to 100 years! This is the reason why many macaw owners provide will their birds to a good home after the owner passes away!

Macaws bond very well with their owners, however, you must still make the effort to gain your macaw’s trust. If you keep your bird indoors in a cage, always follow best practices. This includes keeping your macaw’s cage in an area where it will come into regular contact with humans. This way, your bird will get used to you. For the first few days after adoption, you should allow your bird time to get used to its new surroundings. Don’t scare your bird or attempt to handle it during this period of time. After a few days, you can begin gradually approaching your bird’s cage, each day getting a little closer. Finally, open your bird’s cage and offer it food until it eats out of your hand.

Other Points To Remember With Macaws As Exotic Pet Birds

Not only should you be ready to invest plenty of time to care for a pet macaw, you should be ready to invest lots of money, too! The initial cost of a macaw can be up to $3000 or more. Then, you need to add the cost of providing a large cage or building an aviary, regular feeding of fresh fruits and vegetables, trips to the vet, and the cost of building or buying toys. As you can see, the costs can become significant over the course of your life, and your bird’s!

Macaws are also very loud! If you live in an apartment with neighbors close by, you should consider whether your neighbors will tolerate such a loud bird. On a similar note, macaws are large birds. So if you must keep your bird indoors, you might consider making a bird room. Otherwise, build them an outdoor aviary.

Finally, if you would like to adopt a macaw, please do so from a macaw rescue rather than buying them from the pet shop.


Rainbow Lorikeets are beautiful, brightly colored birds that are members of the parrot family. They have a lifespan of up to 20 years and are very affectionate. This means that they bond well with their humans. In fact, these birds need lots of interaction with their owners, so be sure that you have the time to commit to your bird’s emotional and intellectual well being on a daily basis. Male and female lorikeets look identical. This means if you want to know if your lorikeet is a boy or a girl, you will need to have your bird tested by an avian vet.

When deciding how you will house your lorikeets, remember to keep indoor cages away from smoke, steam or harmful household chemicals. Place the cage in an area where you bird will have regular contact with humans, but where it will not be exposed to loud noises or a lot of commotion. Provide the largest cage possible, and if possible, keep your lorikeet outdoors in an aviary so that it has plenty of room to fly. Because lorikeets bond well with humans, it is not necessary to keep your bird in a cage with other lorikeets, as long as you give your bird enough care and attention.

Lorikeets eat a liquid-based diet, unlike other birds. So, make sure you buy a high-quality, commercially available lorikeet nectar, and supplement your bird’s diet with fruit such as apple, pear, orange and grapes.

high-quality lorikeet food

Swings are ideal for your lorikeet’s cage. Therefore, provide a large cage with as many swings as possible. You can also provide bird-safe wooden perches and branches to provide a habitat as natural as possible for your bird.

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