How To Keep Parrots Entertained

How To Keep Parrots Entertained

How To Keep Parrots Entertained

Parrots are some of the most popular pet birds because they keep their owners entertained for hours and days on end. But have you ever considered how to keep parrots entertained? Most people know that parrots make make how to keep parrots entertainedgood pets. They are lively and are generally a pleasure to watch. People love these birds for the way they can talk and mimic humans. These are just some of the reasons why people keep parrots as pets. But before buying or adopting a parrot, there are many factors you should consider as a prospective parrot owner. One of the most important is how to keep parrots entertained.

The Space Factor

Space is a very important factor when keeping your parrot’s curious mind occupied and entertained. You may think that a parrot can thrive in a cramped cage or other small space. Think again! Parrots need a significant amount of space to move, walk, climb, and even spread their wings and fly. A parrot cage or aviary should at least be big enough for a parrot to fully spread its wings, if not much larger. If you keep a parrot in too small a space, you parrot may become aggressive, begin to scream, or become ill. Be sure to stock your parrot cage or aviary full of toys to keep their curious minds busy. Parrots are also known to pull out their own feathers if they don’t have enough space. Therefore, you should think carefully and provide the largest cage or aviary you can afford when you buy a parrot as a pet.

The Cost Factor

You should also consider what it will cost you to maintain your parrot in spacious, healthy living conditions. When you pet parrots, make sure you have enough funds to provide food and veterinary care. It is not the case that parrots will eat anything you give them. You will quickly find that parrots need a wide variety of food to keep them happy, healthy, energetic and entertained. You are the one who is responsible for your parrot’s well-being.  Make sure you feed your parrots a well balanced diet of millet, maize, fruits, vegetables and meat. You should avoid feeding your parrots greasy, oily foods, alcohol, chocolate and salty foods. These will make your parrot sick and will lead to obesity.

The Healthy Affects Of Keeping Your Parrots Entertained

Knowing how to keep parrots entertained will result in a longer life for your bird. Parrots can live anywhere from 10 to 50 years depending on the type of the bird. However, if you fail to care properly for your bird, and do not provide enough emotional and intellectual stimulation, you will significantly shorten its lifespan. Before buying a parrot, you should inform yourself on the most common bird ailments. Always be on the lookout for signs of illness and infection. Behavioral changes, lethargy, loss of appetite, fluffiness and feather loss are just some common symptoms of parrot diseases. Finally, be sure to register your parrots with an avian vet. Take them in for regular check ups to ensure optimal physical and mental health.

One common reason as to why people take parrots for pets is because they can talk and mimic sounds. Talking to your bird and taking providing lots of human interaction is another way you can keep parrots entertained. Of course, a chatty parrot can be both a blessing or a curse. If you have neighbors or roommates, think about how a vocal bird will affect those around you. If you do not properly train your parrot, it can quickly become a nuisance to others. Therefore, you should consider whether you can spend sufficient time to train your parrots and give them enough attention before adopting them as pets.

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