How To Build A Finch Aviary

How To Build A Finch Aviary

How To Build A Finch Aviary 

If you would like to build a finch aviary, you should generally follow the same rules and best practice as when you build any aviary. Finches are small birds, so you won’t need to build an aviary as large as you would for parrots or cockatoos, for example. You may also decide to place your aviary indoors. Many bird lovers, including Myra Markely, decide to put their indoor finch aviary in the basement. In a July/August edition of the AFA Watchbird Ms. Markley describes how she built a finch aviary. Ms. Markley’s experience shows that you do not need to be rich to build an aviary. Her aviary cost about $250 to build. It also shows that with some creativity, it is possible to come up with innovative solutions to some of the problems faced by aviary owners.

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How To Be Creative When You Build A Finch Aviary

We were particularly impressed with Ms. Markley’s solution of how to ensure a steady supply of fresh water to her

build a finch aviary
Myra Markley. “Building A Finch Aviary” The AFA WATCHBIRD, July/August, 1999. Page 5-8.

finches. She placed a plastic bird bath inside the aviary and ran a tube from the water supply in the house to the bird bath. A needle valve ensured that she could easily adjust the flow of water from the house to the bird bath. Needle valves allow for the extremely fine adjustment of the flow of water. Back in 1999, they were probably more difficult to find, but we were able to find a wide range of needle valves available on Amazon. You should check them out if you would like to build a fresh water solution like Ms. Markley’s. Another tube runs from the bird bath to a drain on the basement floor. Voila! It’s the perfect way to keep a constant supply of fresh water to your finch aviary. You can see the aviary with the bird bath inside in the picture on the right.

Other Tips On How To Build A Finch Aviary

As you may be able to see in the picture, the sides of this finch aviary consist of hardware cloth. You can find hardware cloth in many different varieties, but most we have found is galvanized. Similar to parrot aviaries, we do not recommend using galvanized metal for the sides of your aviary. Instead, stainless steel hardware cloth is a better choice. Stainless steel hardware cloth is available on Amazon, or from other hardware suppliers. The infographic below shows the simple plans Ms. Markley used to build a finch aviary.

build a finch aviary

More Information

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