Chicken Coops For Sale

Chicken Coops For Sale

Chicken Coops For Sale

If you are new to keeping backyard chickens, you may be looking at small chicken coops for sale instead of building your own. If you have never kept chickens before, buying a chicken coop is a good way to start small and see if you like it. Then, if you do like keeping chickens, you may decide to build your own larger coop. You might also decide to add on to the coop you your purchase.

The advantages of buying a chicken coop include:

    • Saving time
    • Possibly saving money if you would spend a lot of money on building materials
    • Knowing the exact dimensions of the chicken coop before you buy it. This will allow you to plan better.

The disadvantages include:

    • You will not be able to build your coop to your own specifications.
    • You may need an additional solution if you decide to enlarge your operation later.
    • Buying a chicken coop may wind up being more expensive if you can source building materials cheaply.

As you can see, the decision to buy or build a chicken coop will depend on numerous factors. In order to help you decide, we have assembled this list of chicken coops for sale.

Wooden Backyard Chicken Coop

chicken coop for sale

This is one of the highest-rated small chicken coops we have found. It is a fir wood structure that has a non-toxic varnish that helps make it wind and water proof. Depending on the size of your chickens, this coop is big enough for 2-3 birds and has a run that will allow your birds to get plenty of fresh air. In addition, this coop has hardware mesh on the on sides rather than chicken wire. As you know if you’ve read our article on chicken wire, hardware mesh is a better predator deterrent, and is less likely to cause injury to your chickens. This is an excellent starter coop for a backyard operation!

Merax Wooden Chicken Coop

chicken coop for sale

This is another highly-rated chicken coop that customers report is a great choice for a small flock of bantams. It has dimensions of 67″ x 26″ x 47″, which includes the roof. As you know, keeping you chicken coop clean is one of the most important considerations for the health of your flock. Consequently, this coop features a slide out tray that will make cleaning very easy. The roof is green asphalt, structure is fir wood and it has a waterproof paint coating to ensure a long life.

This chicken coop also features nest boxes in the back. You will find a removable divider with a door that opens above them so that you can easily remove eggs etc. Customers report that this coop is very easy to assemble, and some have done so in under one hour!

Aivituvin Chicken Coop For Sale

This is also one of the best small chicken coops for sale on Amazon. This chicken coop features removable wire netting on the bottom, with a removable clay for easy cleaning. For the comfort and health of your chickens’ feet, we do recommend removing the wire mesh on the floor. Instead, set the coop on the ground and run the wire under the ground to prevent predators for burrowing into the coop. In addition, this coop features a waterproof asphalt roof that is also UV proof. So, your chickens will have maximum safety and comfort! This chicken coop has dimensions of 56.5″ x 25.6″ x 39.4″, which makes it perfect for 2-3 birds.

Chicken Coop For Sale – Hexagonal Chicken Wire

chicken coop for sale

Here is another chicken coop with excellent customer ratings. Unlike the others we have reviewed, this coop features hexagonal chicken wire. If you choose this coop, be sure you place it in an area that is well-protected from predators. Always remember that a determined predator will be able bend chicken wire and get at your birds and eggs!

This particular coop comes in 3 different sizes: 10′ x 13′, 10′ x 20′, and 13′ x 13′. It has a UV and water resistant cover that covers about 1/3 of the coop. This cover will help protect your flock from the elements. The wire and metal tubing are galvanized, which makes it rust resistant and easy to clean. Customers report that this coop assembles quickly and the metal tubing fits easily together.

OverEZ Large Chicken Coop

chicken coops for sale

This is a larger coop than the others we have reviewed. It has space for up to 15 chickens! This is one of the reasons we love it. Another reason is that, at the time of writing, it has received only positive reviews on Amazon. Customers love how easy this is to assemble. This comes with all the basics we recommend for every chicken coop, including: 5 nest boxes, two vents for excellent ventilation, and two roosts. The roof construction allows water to drain off, which will keep your flock safe and dry. There is a YouTube video with instructions on how to assemble this coop, so you can’t go wrong!

Chicken Coops For Sale – Conclusion

For a small investment in a simple chicken coop, you can try keeping backyard chickens and see if it is for you. Buying a chicken coop is a great way to save time and money and minimize the risk of these investments going to waste. Make sure to do your homework and choose the best chicken coop for your operation!

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